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Let the people live

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In this “interesting” report from CNN, an underground housing area built by the “homeless” is destroyed.  The main selling points:  pee pee smells, pornography, graffitti, a syrenge.  But really, isn’t not paying taxes and owning the property the real issue?  The best part is how they discuss the living area as if they are describing a completely separate species or an excavation of ancient whatever.  “There were things just like in our houses” and “it looks like they used this to sleep on because the surface is hard [reporter touches floor for emphasis]”.  Are people really that out of touch that they have never seen people sleeping on the floor?  Just the other day I saw a man sleeping on the sidewalk (sans carboard mind you) with his teeth lying on the ground next to him.  Is it living in New York?  Is it visiting areas where you won’t find a Starbucks?

I get it.  Destroying the underground house created jobs.  But kicking those that are already down–is that the way to do it?

watch the video

Legalize it — or not?

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A recent post published at elephant journal on how to fix the economy got me thinking about the perils of legalization…weed and gay marriage that is.  And while I haven’t gotten to the marriage bit yet, I’ve done a little thinking about the weed and here is the thing:

Republican/conservative friends have argued that government control of anything from public transportation systems to health care lead to a decrease in the quality of that service.  So will it ever get legalized?  I think not.  As long as enough republicans are lighting up before going to golf courses, weed will stay where they think it belongs — private and high grade.

NY Times: What is happiness?

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May 25, 2009, 9:46 pm
Happy Like God
By Simon Critchley

What is happiness? How does one get a grip on this most elusive, intractable and perhaps unanswerable of questions?  read full article

Elephant Journal: The Future of Yoga

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Interview with Richard Freeman…

Richard Freeman: The Future of Yoga

by on Jun 3, 2008


New York Post: Fuck Yoga?


By REED TUCKER at the New York Post

Last updated: 11:04 am
May 26, 2009
Posted: 1:21 am
May 26, 2009

OM my god! Is there a yoga backlash brewing?

It’s hard to say exactly when some started to turn on America’s favorite legging-wearing pastime — it may have been about the time last year a studio in the East Village introduced a version for dogs — but yoga is reveling in less nirvana these days.  read more

NY Times on “Krishna Pattabhi Jois”

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Krishna Pattabhi Jois, Leading Expert in Yoga, Dies at 93
Published: May 20, 2009 by NY Times

MUMBAI, India — Krishna Pattabhi Jois, a prominent and influential yoga teacher who drew a global following that included Western celebrities like Madonna and Sting, died on Monday in his home in the southern Indian city of Mysore, his family said. He was 93.

Associated Press

Krishna Pattabhi Jois, a yoga teacher and practitioner, popularized Ashtanga yoga in the West.

Known to his followers simply as guruji, a term of respect for teachers, Mr. Jois (pronounced JOYCE) had an ulcer in his throat that made it difficult for him to swallow food, according to Sharhat Rangaswamy, his grandson and the director of his yoga institute. In the days before he died, Mr. Jois was also struck by a urine infection and pneumonia, Mr. Rangaswamy said in a telephone interview.  read more

The Perfect Moisturizer for Summer

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With summer upon us I have been updating my routine.  My dry skin needs something heavy and thick during the winter but when it starts heating up my skin needs something light but equally moisturizing.  My new favorite is:

Jason Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion

It has 70% organic ingredients and is perfect for my extremely winter white legs and arms. It has a light coconuty smell and isn’t goopy on my skin.  It is mineral oil/petrolatum and wax free, 100% vegetarian and is never tested on animals.

Try it yourself!