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The Perfect Moisturizer for Summer

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With summer upon us I have been updating my routine.  My dry skin needs something heavy and thick during the winter but when it starts heating up my skin needs something light but equally moisturizing.  My new favorite is:

Jason Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion

It has 70% organic ingredients and is perfect for my extremely winter white legs and arms. It has a light coconuty smell and isn’t goopy on my skin.  It is mineral oil/petrolatum and wax free, 100% vegetarian and is never tested on animals.

Try it yourself!

I love this beer

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The first beer I really loved was Magic Hat’s #9.  It is light with a delicious apricot taste, although not in a cherry coke kind of way.

Lately I’ve been loving their seasonal beer Roxy Rolles.  It is a hoppy amber beer and perfect at the end of a long day of teaching.

Here is the review on

I’m pretty disappointed though because I just finished my 6 pack.  Magic Hat is brewed in Burlington, VT and can be found at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and my local Queens supermarket.

Great Hair Cut: Delilah Salon

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Head on out to Park Slope and the Delilah Salon for a terrific and affordable hair cut.

I was in desperate need for a cut and color so I googled online looking for an inexpensive fix.  I checked out some of the student cuts in the city but kept being rescheduled by my would-be apprentice stylist.  I ran into a friend and she recommended the Delilah Salon.

With 58 reviews on google it has almost a perfect 5 star rating.  I called on a Monday and got the first appointment on Wednesday with Leila, the salon’s owner.  She was friendly and on time and sat me down for my consultation.  I wanted to add low lights into my highlighted and bleached hair so when it grew out my natural color wouldn’t look so drastic.  She gave me a better recommendation and we talked hair cut.  Then she put in the foils.  While my hair processed she took two walk in hair cuts.  By the time they were done so was my color.  She rinsed it out and it looked awesome.  Just what I had in mind.

She cut it wet and then blew it dry.  It is one of my favorite cuts and especially for a low price of $115 (two color partial highlight and cut).  I gave her a big tip and am already scheming for my next hair cut with Leila.

Delilah Salon
234 4th Avenue between Union Street & President Street
718 – 797 – 2690

Awesome Coffee Shop Alert — Root Hill Cafe

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Today I headed out to Park Slope to get my haircut.  Yes, I traveled there from Astoria, but a reasonably priced good hair cut is worth a little or a lot of traveling.  I arrived early, Yelped the area and came up with the Root Hill Cafe.

A charming, little cafe that serves amazing coffee, great pastries, and has free wi-fi.  You know the type. But they have an $11,000 coffee machine called the Clover.  I got myself a cup of the decaf which cost $2.50 but was worth every penny.  It was delicious and I sat in a relaxed, eco friendly atmosphere for at least an hour.  Their sandwiches looked delicious and they even host an open mic night.  Next time you are out in Park Slope check out the Root Hill Cafe.

262 4th Ave
(between 5th Ave & Carroll St)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 797-0100

What I’m listening to: Top Itunes Songs

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These aren’t new songs but I love them just the same and when I looked on my itunes, they were the songs I listen to the most:

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse -Want to pump yourself up?  It’s even my ring tone.
Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne – I put this one on repeat, daydream and sigh.  (Cheesy I know)

Beautiful Child by Rufus Wainwright – I imagine myself standing at the top of a mountain with my arms out

What are you listening to?

Getting out of Dodge

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I’m leaving New York in two weeks and I don’t know when I’ll be back.  I’m making a list of things I must do before I leave.

1. Pizza

2. Get a bagel with lox and an americano at Grounded on Jane St

3. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

4. Spend some time in Central Park, either at the fountain or around the reservoir

5. Go see some live music on the LES

6. Get a portabello mushroom burger at the Shake Shack

7. Take some great yoga classes

8. Spend some time in Brooklyn

9. Buy fruits and veggies at the farmer’s market

Can you help me complete my list?  Send me some suggestions!

Purging 101

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I know that it’s not yet Spring, but all I wanted to do is reorganize and purge the things in my apartment.  I felt overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” I had accumulated and my room always felt messy. The problem was too many things and not enough storage.  I tried to tackle it myself but just felt overwhelmed.  Now my room feels much more relaxing and even a bit lighter.

Here are my four easy tips on how to go through your stuff:

1. Get a friend

Having an impartial judge is necessary when you’re looking at sentimental clothing your grandmother bought you for last year’s Christmas.

2. Make a list of Categories

I divided my room up into sections and went through each grouping.  Sections included: yoga, singing, guitar, knitting etc.

3. Put aside the things you want to keep, then get rid of the rest.

Focus on the things you love and need in your life.  Get rid of everything else. Don’t even look at it.

4. Give your stuff a worthy home.

I posted my things on the New York FreeCycle group on yahoo.  It is easy and free and now someone who needed a new duvet came and picked up my old one.  I took the extras to the Salvation Army.

Happy Cleaning!

For more stuff purging ideas, check out these NYC sites:
Google search “How to get rid of your stuff”
Recycle Brooklyn
Recycle This! NYC
Per Scholas