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The business of the morning after pill

same shit, new wrapping?

same shit, new wrapping?

Several years ago, my good friend & her boyfriend had a little accident with a condom. My friend didn’t want to take the risk and went to the doctor’s to get the morning after pill (or emergency contraceptive pill or ECP if you like).
It’s free to go to the doctor’s over there, and you can easily get the ECP for free (which doesn’t mean people are queuing up, with boxes of pills stocked in their houses).

So back to my friend, to her total surprise she was simply given two regular contraceptive pills. “You gotta be kidding me”. “Nope. He got some scissors and cut the two pills from an ordinary pack right in front of our eyes. You could even read MO TU (Monday, Tuesday) on the back”.

However, the situation is not like that everywhere. In certain regions in Spain where the use of ECPs wasn’t regulated, people will now be able to purchase them over the counter (oh, thank you so much), for only 20€ (!!!).

Really? 20€ for 2 regular contraceptive pills in a shiny new package? By the way, in case you’re wondering, even Satanpedia Wikipedia supports the fact that “emergency contraceptive pills (sometimes referred to as emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) in the U.K.) may contain higher doses of the same hormones (estrogens, progestins, or both) found in regular combined oral contraceptive pills.”