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Veg does it

from cnn.com Ultra Man fuels on plant-based diet.

Added On October 29, 2010

A California lawyer transformed from coach potato to Ultraman competitor on a plant-based vegan diet.

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Let the people live

posted by ebeans

In this “interesting” report from CNN, an underground housing area built by the “homeless” is destroyed.  The main selling points:  pee pee smells, pornography, graffitti, a syrenge.  But really, isn’t not paying taxes and owning the property the real issue?  The best part is how they discuss the living area as if they are describing a completely separate species or an excavation of ancient whatever.  “There were things just like in our houses” and “it looks like they used this to sleep on because the surface is hard [reporter touches floor for emphasis]”.  Are people really that out of touch that they have never seen people sleeping on the floor?  Just the other day I saw a man sleeping on the sidewalk (sans carboard mind you) with his teeth lying on the ground next to him.  Is it living in New York?  Is it visiting areas where you won’t find a Starbucks?

I get it.  Destroying the underground house created jobs.  But kicking those that are already down–is that the way to do it?

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