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Miami Wade County after Lebron

So Lebron James is going to Cleveland.  Not a big surprise.  Lebron makes emotional decisions and this is certainly one.  He chose his hometown team, and wants to be the man to bring a championship to Cleveland.  Lebron, Irving, Wiggins… that’s awesome.  Varejao and Tristan Thompson, not so much.  That backcourt alone though would be a championship contender in the terrible East.

NBA Rising Stars Challenge

Chris Bosh should go to Houston, that is clearly the best option for him.  The Rockets are in his home state, and there is too much money to be left on the table.  Miami would be a good situation for Bosh, even without Lebron, as he could expand his game.  However, the best choice for Bosh would be Houston with Harden, Dwight Howard, etc.  This is an automatic championship contender, even within the ultra-competitive West. 

It is fairly obvious that Dwyane Wade will stay with Miami, possibly without Chris Bosh.  What happens next for Miami?  Right now, the team will be Norris Cole, Shabazz Napier, Dwyane Wade, Danny Granger, and Josh McRoberts.  No center signed yet.  This team alone is a top 6 playoff team in the East.  It is odd Carmelo is not considering Miami, because it would be a great situation for him.  Carmelo would fit very well with Dwyane Wade.  Wade is a natural distrubutor, and can play off Carmelo’s one-on-one game.  Carmelo, Wade, and Granger is a pretty great trio.


If Miami cannot acquire Carmelo they can at least get a decent player to play the wing alongside Dwyane Wade and Danny Granger (a former all-star player himself).  Paul Gasol would be a great fit.  So would Paul Pierce, although he may not want to play against his longtime rival.  Miami can then add a few veteran exception players, and this is still a top 4 team in the terrible East.

The management and ownership of Miami should certainly be disappointed, but not too surprised.  After all, this is what Lebron did to Cleveland in 2010.  At least Lebron learned how to break the news better this time around.  The essay was a little much, but at least it wasn’t The Decision.  Miami should not be angry.  Two championships and 4 NBA Finals appearances is outstanding.  Miami will move on, and be competitive as always.