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The Western Yoga Experience

The foremost Western Yogi

The foremost Western Yogi

The westernized yoga experience as lived by an Indian student in NYC. This post made me laugh. AND it features PJ Harvey.

“I walk into yoga class today, the only discernible Indian body as usual, and as I roll out the mat, the space I will root in and grow from for the next hour, this is what the yoga teacher says:

“…and to those of you who want sanskrit names (wtf), I want to let you know that I am authorized to give you a sanskrit name (wtf 2 the infinite power), so if you want a sanskrit name come see me after class, all I need is your current name and your birth date. Let’s begin, my name is Shubhabakti/Katy, breathe in nah-mah-sthay.” read more