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How you should spend your money: local, custom, & crazy awesome (part 1?)

posted by ebeans

Because if you have to buy something, it should make you feel good in a well-rounded “ethical consumer” I-am-saving-the-world-in-my-own-little-way kind of way. Plus, these girl companies are run by totally chill ladies…  Let’s shop!

from knickers and no fur coat

Knickers and no fur coat
Big boobies/bottoms, small and all sizes between, Jana Kennedy’s creations for the bedroom or beach rock both on the rack and on your curves.  You can buy her crazy awesome knickers and bikinis online, or go local and head out to Brooklyn’s McCarren Park to purchase in person.  It gets better…She’ll also make custom sets!  You pick the color, design, etc, she makes you look and feel frilly fabulous.

from shining shakti

Shining Shakti
If I see one more matching lycra yoga set I might puke.  What is “performance wear” anyway?  Will the right shirt make you float into handstand.  No.  Will the right pants?  No.  Well, maybe…  If your pants are crazy awesome brightly colored organic pantsplosions, you might be in such a good mood that maybe you’ll “stop fearing” and start doing.  These cozy cotton pants run a bit long and a lot cozy.  They’ve got a fold over waist with a thick band which is just the only way to go (especially when it folds over to lime green).  Plus, they can be bought locally here in NY at the Yoga Journal Conference and possibly at your local yoga studio. Sometimes they do custom dyes too…

Give Birth, Eat Placenta (in that order)

Back, back in the day when I knew this chick who was dating this dude who was an intern in a doctor program and he was in his OBGYN rounds and it came out—

Some people ask to save the placenta post-birth…so they can eat it.

Horrified, and slightly intrigued, I forgot about it until a friend forwarded this article from BabyCenter in which a woman (veg when not pregnant) discusses placenta eating and preparation.  Yes, there is a picture of a sandwich.  I have to tell my self that the “p word” is not its main ingredient…

Read the article:
“She ate her placenta and it was good”