A Yoga Competition

If you happen to find yourself around Mysore this weekend, why not sign up for a good old fashion yoga competition?  According to the Times of India, the Vishwa Samskruti Yoga Kendra has organized the event for people of all ages in order to promote the health benefits of yoga.

See article

Maybe westerners get ruffled about yoga competitions because they know they’d lose…

2 responses to “A Yoga Competition

  1. the yogi in the video is amazing. i would chakra bandasana with so much cheering. well, just kidding. however, one of my teachers in San Francisco used to clap when someone would accomplish something really special for the first time, such as coming to standing from UD.

  2. I am becoming turned off to yoga as a spiritual practice. Championship, competition, clapping, cheering…bring on the popcorn. Next step is yoga-betting. India is becoming too westernized I am thinking.

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