The 10 Most Overrated Films

posted by alcmaeonid

Do you ever hear people talk endlessly about a movie, they quote it and they joke about it and won’t stop talking about, but then when you see it you hate it?  You begin to question your taste in movies, and possibly your choice in friends.  You feel disconnected from the world because you cannot share in the film bliss.  Well don’t despair, you are not alone, I give you: The 10 Most Overrated Films ever made.

Now this list is not necessarily based on the quality of films versus the number of awards they won or critical acclaim, nor is it based on financial success.  This is purely a personal assessment of films that are considered classics or are extremely popular, but on viewing them just do not live up to the hype. Basically, they make you feel like this:


The list from top to bottom is categorized based on a combination of hype and critical claim in opposition to how mediocre the film is. The #1 film is the most overrated.    Prepare yourself and try not to smash your computer…

10) Pirates of the Carribean (All 3)

The first one was a box office sensation and made superstars out of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightly, and the second shattered opening weekend records.  The first also garnered Depp an Academy Award nomination for best actor.  Yet all three movies are just bad.


Well, here is possibly America's finest actor, nuanced and subtle...

Maybe the first was watchable, but it certainly did not deserve any sort of Academy Award nomination outside of sound effects.  The second and third however were simply terrible, nothing more than bland clones of the original.  Perhaps worst of all, despite a remarkable career with countless memorable performances, Johnny Depp will always be Capt. Jack Sparrow in our hearts and on the Disney Channel.

9) Scarface (1983)

It is one of the most iconic films in modern times, with Tony Montana’s quote “say hello to my little friend!”, and the famous shot of Pacino mowing down countless hoods with an M16.  Every rapper uses Scarface as their icon, with even one particular artist adopting the title name as his own.  However, actual viewing of the film reveals that it is merely a melodramatic, boring, and overdone heap of a film.  It is considered an “action film” but there is only one notable action scene which occurs at the end, and it takes almost 3 hours to get to it.  Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors ever, but his Cuban accent is far from realistic or subtle.  Outside of surprising gore there is little in terms of twists or shocking revelations, which are hallmarks of great films.  Simply overrated.

8) Brokeback Mountain

Broke-ass Mountain was the toast of the Academy Awards the year it came out, with Ang Lee winning Best Director.  He should have won it for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, not for this piece of crap.  If you read my previous post “Naked or Gay” you would know that gay-themed films are practically automatically showered with Academy Awards, so there is a simple reason why it got so much praise.  The film stretches on forever, and it is oh so boring.  Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger were good, but to be nominated for Best Actor, please.  Honestly, if the story were the same but with a heterosexual couple, it would probably be on Lifetime.

7) Titanic

In 1997, every girl in America saw Titanic at least 12 times, and even guys can admit they saw it at least 4 times because of the girls.  It was all anyone wanted to do for months: see Titanic over and over again.  It also won 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.  But you know what, it is just so boring.  Unless you are into slow, stupid romances, the only entertaining part was when people started dying and the Titanic split in half. Oh, and  Kate Winslet’s boobs were nice too.

6) Gone With the Wind

Often considered amongst the greatest films of all time, a classic of American cinema.  It is a constant reminder of the grandeur of the “Golden Age” of American cinema with massive sets, melodrama, lavish costumes, thousands of extras, and so on.  Adjusted for inflation, it is by far the highest grossing film of all time, raking in over $150 million dollars when movie tickets cost no more than a nickel.  Despite this, it is 3 hours of unbearable dialogue alongside a hefty dose of racism and sexist overtones.  As God as my witness, I will never see this movie again!

5) Reality Bites

I know some people personally who will hate me for this, but I just cannot get into this movie.  I get that it is all about the Generation X/grunge/angst era and all that crap, but I don’t care!  Sure Ben Stiller is believable as a douche, but he’s better in goofy stuff.  Ethan Hawke, well, he does a good Kurt Cobain impression that’s for sure.  I would fault Winona Ryder, but she always sucks at acting so this film is no different.  Despite all this what I hate the most about this movie is all …the stupid… Big Gulps!  I mean seriously, its just soda damn it!

Goddamn Big Gulp!!!

Goddamn Big Gulp!!!

4) 300

Visually innovative and filled with action and oily bare chests, this film was a surprise blockbuster hit and legitimized Zach Snyder as a director and Gerard Butler as a star.  However, this film manages to take possibly the finest example of soldiering in history and dumb it down to slow motion fights and cartoon backgrounds.  Where is the historical context? Realism? It would have even been nice to see at least one hit that was in real time.  I mean slow motion is nice, but when it happens for every single blow, it gets a little old.  And don’t even get me started on the depiction of the Persians, especially  Xerxes.  Homophobic? Racist? Take your pick.

Uh, are they about to make out?

Uh, are they about to make out?

3) The Boondock Saints

This is interesting because it came out and was critically panned, and made very little money.  It was basically a disaster.  However, it has since developed a cult following somehow, and every moron living in a dorm room with a laptop and a “COLLEGE” t-shirt insists that its the most awesome movie ever!  It is unoriginal, the acting is just terrible, and the action scenes are convoluted and way overdone.  No twists. No surprises.  Attempts at humor, but about as funny as Apocalypse Now.  Come to think of it, Robert Duvall was pretty damn funny in that movie!  I take it back, Apocalypse Now definitely has more humor than The Boondock Saints.

2) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Matthew Broderick will always be known as Ferris Bueller, the trouble-making high school kid who is loved by men and women alike.  He is smooth and smart, and there is no situation he cannot calmly talk his way out of.  It is in the canon of the greatest comedies ever made, and is a highlight of 80’s cinema.  I cannot fault the filmmaking, or the acting, or the story.  It is just not funny, at all.  I have seen it multiple times, and I have never even chuckled, not once.  Sure he’s endearing and the situations he gets out of are cool, and that dance number in the streets was spontaneous and original, but is any of it funny?  Not to me.

He's got a mohawk! And he's sining into a showerhead! I can't contain my laughter.

He's got a mohawk! And he's singing into a shower head! I can't contain my laughter.

1) The Blair Witch Project

Well there are a few angles to look at how this movie sucks, but I’ll start with the fact that it is not scary at all.  And I can admit that I scare easily with films, but I don’t think I even gasped once, maybe yawned a little.  The climactic moment when you’re supposed to see the witch, you see… nothing. Or a shadow?  I’m not sure if it even qualifies as a horror film.

The Blair Witch, or a drunken pissing frat guy?

The supernatural... or the urinal?

Come to think of it, I’m not sure if it qualifies as a film at all.  It is closer to being a documentary, but about what?  A scary shadow? A bunch of idiots who get lost in the woods with a camcorder?  At best it could be a short story, but that would mean it would be like 15 or 20 minutes, not a full-length “movie” with no actual climactic moment.  Even the Sci-Fi channel would reject something like this.  Bad picture.  Bad acting.  Bad sound.  Basically it is the most over-hyped and over-rated film.  Ever.

24 responses to “The 10 Most Overrated Films

  1. DemonMeister

    Wrong! Winona Ryder is never bad, she’s only been in bad films! She’s been nominated for two academy awards and three golden globes, and won one. “Reality Bites” is such a great film and is not even close to being overrated. Your list is trash!

  2. I have to agree with a lot of stuff on your list!

    Especially touching that you included reality bites and 300… *barf*

  3. saw r-bites recently. didn’t make it through the first quarter…

  4. agreed on all accounts.


  5. I’m with ya on most of these, particularly Titanic, Reality Bites, and Gone With the Wind…and the the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie (couldn’t force myself to watch the third), but I put the first in the same category as The Devil Wears Prada: the otherwise lousy movie with one amazing performance that makes it worth seeing, anyway…

  6. Katelooks4Life

    I with you on most of these, excepting pirates of the caribbean. Love the movies. Love the actors. But everyone to their own taste.
    I watched the Blair Witch Project, and by the middle, had resorted to throwing crisps at the screen in the hope it would get better. There are still stains on the carpet where my friend fell asleep and began to drool.

  7. David in Boston, MA

    Your comments about Brokeback Mountain were both simply wrong and homophobic.

    You then went on to do the same thing about 300.
    “Are they about to make out?”

    Yeah, god forbid, right. Oh, please, grow up.

  8. I am not the only one to note that gay-themed movies are showered with accolades, even if they are mediocre. Additionally, Heath Ledger is a big dude, anyone’s ass would hurt after he pounded it.

    Also, if you read my comments on “300”, or if you saw the movie yourself, it is easy to see that the effeminate representation of Persians in the film is both homophobic and racist.

  9. Where is Dead Poets Society? I sooo hoped it to be at TOP 1 Position!!!

  10. I never saw Titanic!!! I think Leonardo is annoying and I don’t like smarmy love stories in general. Instinct kept me away from that one.

  11. Pirates of caribbean are bad?
    titanic is a good movie and you watched it 12 times??

    dude you got it all wrong

  12. I’m a chick who’s never seen Titanic. Ever. I think Leo is one of the best actors of his generation, which is why I couldn’t bear to watch him in what appeared at first glance to be utter drivel (thinly) disguised as some epic masterpiece of serious film-making.

    My only real beef with your list, though, is Ferris Beuller. Truly, one of the great loves of my life. And by your own account, good film-making, good story, good acting, and even a spontaneous and original dance number… what more does a film have to do to get out of your doghouse? Jeez! 😉

    p.s. — “Not funny”? Not even the jail scene with Charlie Sheen? Wow, you’re a tough customer.

  13. Most overrated movie of all time? Into the Wild. I had a guy tell me it “changed his life”. I found it as pretentious and annoying as its director, more so because of the ridiculous amount of hype around it. (But very pretty, what a nice country we live in.) Needless to say, I found the way the movie ended gratifying.

  14. Your sir are a MORON… You obviously had to grasp of the meaning of the Blair Witch Project…

  15. i agree with the pirates of the carrabien, Brocke ass mountain and Bondock saints. The first pirates were a fresh rehack of a pirate action movies but it’s sequels are just crap. Although i must say that i totally disagree with the Blair witch projects. It is scarier than any other horror. To be honest with yourself, did you ever fear any slasher villan? This movie at least tries to scare us at a concius level, it was very inovative in it’s time and started a whole “hand cam horror” genre.

  16. dude, Pirates of the Carribian was a epic movie of epic preportions leaning on the equator of epic-est and epic. other than that you are right.

  17. You obviously know nothing about movies, titanic is a classic, not overated, BWP is scary for most people, so not overated. I loved pirates of the carribean and so did almost everyone else so stfu.

  18. True, everybody for some reason pretends to like Scarface because it makes them think their cool… But that movie was so boring. Loved Ferris Buellers day off, and i was born in the 90’s.

  19. Michigan Guy

    Loved your list, especially #2, how funny you are! My friends claimed to like Ferris Beuller’s Day Off – and I’ve seen it four times as a consequence of my disagreement – I’m still mildly annoyed and bored, ugh, no more (and what’s with his self-loathing, dour, father-hating best friend, sheesh)! Your piece was well written. I have to admit I bought into 300 & Blair Witch when I saw it at the theater – in retrospect I have to laugh at myself (I think cocktails with dinner prior helps) – in any case, well done! All the people defending any of these are wonderfully self-deluded. Cheers!

  20. i like jack sparrow

  21. alcmaeonid

    I like anonymity

  22. Agree with all but Ferris. It never made me laugh out loud, it just makes me smile inwardly, and that’s enough.

  23. I Soo agree with the Blair witch project being overrated. I just watched it and could not believe how boring it was and the next thing i did is to come out here to know if anyone else holds the same opinion and trust me its a great relief to find it in your list…

  24. I’d hardly call 300 overrated unless you are measuring the movie’s quality by it’s box office take which is rarely, if ever, a good gauge (Oh hai dere Transformers 2). Pretty much every professional critic hated 300 for the exact reasons you described; its dumb, it prioritizes gore over an interesting story, too much slow motion, poor writing, the characters aren’t developed beyond “Spartans good! Persians bad! Hunchback bad!” and so on and so on. Pretty much the only people who liked it were those who wanted to turn their brains off for two hours and watch lots of blood’n’guts fly all over place. Overrated it ain’t.

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