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Hey NYC, Clean Your Plate

You can literally eat your way through the neighborhoods of NYC.  On just the small island of Manhattan alone, we are blessed with a variety of cuisines and price points on every block, but when it comes down to it, New Yorkers are not exactly known for their ‘home cooking.’ Fortunately they don’t have to be. Now, tastiness doesn’t have to come with a guilt-ridden calorie count, and with current obesity (and vanity) levels rising, even New Yorkers, the very ambulatory society, are still looking for healthier options that don’t require a cooking class to attain.

[enter: Clean Plates NYC]

Clean Plates NYC is a new guidebook to healthy eating without sacrificing flavor or neglecting your taste buds for those who do not just dine on bean sprouts and raw veggies. The lovechild of Jared Koch (nutiritionist and wellness counselor) and Alex Van Buren (food critic), Clean Plates NYC showcases the healthiest, tastiest and most sustainable restaurants in Manhattan, with 75 reviews and a list of 200+ places to satiate your palette.

Clean Plates NYC
retails for $13.95, which also includes full access to www.cleanplatesnyc.com, and they have offered an extra 10% off to us (use code: bendy)!

The interactive site features restaurant updates of Jared and Alex’s favorite spots, user forums and a database of all featured restaurants – so it is possible to find an approved restaurant even if you don’t have the book handy!  And listen up all you phone-dependent peops, a mobile application of Clean Plates NYC, listing the restaurants in the book is also available for on-the-go. The mobile application can be purchased through www.cleanplatesnyc.com as a stand-alone purchase for $9.95 or for $2 if buy it with the book.  All purchases through www.cleanplatesnyc.com also include free shipping.

So, Consider this your edible answer to healthy-eating, just in time for the upcoming beach body-baring days (Memorial Day is only days away!).  You’re welcome 🙂