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There’s so much good juice in the room!

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Anusara teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh, has really parallel legs and is attempting kapotasana (we think) and then switches to an old-school lagu vajrasana at the last minute.  Or not.  They left it up for interpretation.

oh wait–that was video 18, video 17 confirms that it was just lagu after all.

Christian Yoga? (Part 2)

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In response to wherehaveyoubean’s post published on Jan 28…

Yoga Exposed

This guy really doesn’t like yoga.  I’m really really.  But anyway, thank you Dr. Scott Johnson for warning us of the dangers of yoga.

Is updog “cobra” in the UK?

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It could have been a mistake — but…

In a recent youtube visit (like two minutes ago) I coincidentally found what looks like a preview for a new ashtanga instructional video.  (Coincidence because I am finishing up an article on ashtanga vids.  Look for it later today.)

An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga – eSSence Yoga

Quick question.
Do British people always call “dogs” “cobras” and “heads” “shoulders”?

a camel through through the eye of a needle…

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Nothing is Impossible!  An artist creates “Horton Hears a Who”-esque worlds/characters in the eye of a needle, then sells his collected works for 20 million dollars to a private collector…

Mental richness should be worried just a physical richness. Didn’t Christ say that it was like a camel trying to pass through a needle hole, for John Cage to go to heaven? I think it is nice to abandon what you have as much as possible, as many mental possessions as the physical ones, as they clutter your mind. It is nice to maintain poverty of environment, sound, thinking and belief. It is nice to keep oneself small like a grain of rice instead of expanding and make yourself dispensable like paper. See little, hear little, and think little.


Although I suppose the situation is ironic, considering that Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Matthew 19:24. Similar verses are in Mark 10:25 and Luke 18:25).

More from the psychedelic archives: The 13th Floor Elevators

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13th Floor Elevators “You’re Gonna Miss Me”

“Psychedelics in Light of the Yoga Sutras” and the epic “Wave Speech”

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An interesting article posted at Reality Sandwich:
Psychedelics in Light of the Yoga Sutras

…and just for fun, Hunter S. Thompson’s “Wave Speech” in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The World According to Monsanto Trailer

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The World According to Monsanto Trailer

Barack Obama responds to vegan question (Subtitled)

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Barack Obama responds to vegan question (Subtitled)

Yoga is hard!

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Youtube video confession:  “Yoga is hard!!!”

This just in: Girls can “do” karandavasana too

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And now there is proof.