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Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga with BNS Iyengar

BNS Iyengar can usually be found teaching daily 6am – 8am & 4 pm – 6 pm (moon days excepted… yes, ONLY moondays off you lazy people!) at the Patanjala Yogashala – Parakala Mutt, Jaganmohan Palace Circle, Mysore.

Here is a clip of BNS Iyengar teaching advanced series. There are small differences with the way it’s taught at KPJAYI, notice for example there’s no vinyasa between each side.

Yogin: a short animation film

Yogin is a short animation film created by John Hanrahan, telling the story of a young yogi challenging an old master to a yoga battle. The egotistical challenger thinks he has what is necessary to take on the master.

This just in: Girls can “do” karandavasana too

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And now there is proof.