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Yoga TV: Beyond Youtube

Kino Macgregor’s newest project:  The Yoga Girls of Miami

From the Dakrasheta Productions Website:

The Yoga Girls of Miami takes us inside the day-to-day drama of a world-class yoga studio run by five dynamic women with a passion to transform lives through empowerment, self-discovery and peace.

Watch trailer

Yoga is hard!

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Youtube video confession:  “Yoga is hard!!!”

BKS Iyengar Birthday Celebrations Talk

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Check out this video posted by “The Power of Yoga”.

“You are my gods – BKS Iyengar on Dec 14th 2008”

David Garrigues Ashtanga Yoga Short Clip on Bandhas

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New clip on youtube.

David Garrigues

Really? Bon Jovi Yoga Chant?

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I used to work at a studio in Manhattan and can remember one of our instructors singing Bon Jovi through the wall.  Now, this was a while back and it seems to be gaining momentum.  After reading a recent NY Times article and now this blog post, I can’t help but wonder WTF?  Well anyway, it does make me laugh.  🙂

Sadie Nardini singing the Bon Jovi Chant

Dr. MA Jayashree in San Francisco

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You can watch her sing here

Jayashree in San Francisco


Why yoga?

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I remember seeing clips for this on youtube and wondered if it would become one of the many yoga projects abandoned along the way…

YYoga Movie Sneak Preview (first 8 of 88 min)


-Adriano (Sai Baba), is that you?  Minus the hair of course.  Inside joke.
-Imagine if Sharath was giving a spiel about monkey bananas during mysore…And then the cell phone rings.  Amazing.
-The film was released late last year and can be purchased here.

Girl power…

And “good grooves”.

Nice post and sweet video.  Check it out:
Being with yoga

Name that dude

My guess is Alex Medin.  But a look around many a-shala could imply a lot of people…

viparita chakrasana (tick tock)

Mr.Yoga (aka Mr. Medin)

Join the Yuya Fan Club

Don’t be surprised when you see EVERYONE wearing a shirt with one of these polka dotted asanas printed on the front…

And well done Yuya, well done.

Yuya Rocks Karandavasana and you have to watch it here.