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Yoga from the outside: Peace, love, and pussy?

posted by ebeans

After practicing for a while, downward dog stops feeling awkward.  Having your teacher assist you is an assist and not some dude/chick grabbing your thigh.  Yoga and practice becomes a neutral, safe space (for the most part).  And sometimes yoga slowly seeps into all aspects of one’s life until everyone you  know either practices of knows what it is.  When you live in a big city with a yoga studio on every corner, where it seems like everyone is practicing some yoga,  it is easy to forget that there are many “colorful” viewpoints on and motivations for  yoga practice.

A quick trip down youtube lane with the search term “yoga” will render some demos, some rants, a lot of randomness, and hot girls in bikinis “doing yoga”.  But this is not a post about the nature of yoga.  Nope.  This is about how the average yoga class is full of:

“flexible, fit women of all kinds of sexy shapes and sizes. And yoga is about moving that sexy body in all kinds of sexy stretches and poses that make such body look damn, damn sexy. The point is, as you have likely gathered, YOGA IS SEXY.”

It turns out that guys (or at least bloggers) have caught on to the shakti-heavy average yoga class ratio.  Alejandro Paz over at Anyguey didn’t make it to the Wanderlust Festival this year, but seems committed to attending next year with a vengeance.  In his post “Learn Yoga Now: Wanderlust Festival Is Any Guey’s Dream“, he outlines not only the sex appeal of yoga chicks but also easy to follow yoga tips for the would-be yogi:

  1. Try to get stretchy without being sketchy.
  2. Take it seriously and learn some go-to moves.
  3. Don’t be a skeevy, leering weirdo.
  4. Be friendly, meet women and gain their trust.
  5. Keep your boners to a minimum.

Read the full post here and don’t forget to view the “Beautiful Women of Yoga”  photo gallery.  Amazing.

Yoga Agents? Yoga Goes Hollywood

Yoga is now going beyond just clothes, props and trademarked styles, now there appears to be a new chapter where yoga and business are uniting to bring the often flighty community of free-loving do-gooders who just want to share yoga bliss with their students with a paycheck. Some may think this is a way that yogis are selling out, but if yoga is your career and you are not so business-savvy, it really is in your best interest to find someone who can network and market your talents for you – because hey, let’s be realistic, everyone has to eat and in order to eat you need to make some mullah.

After a recent press release about the Gap’s attempt to gain market share with its new line of pure body layering apparel that targets yogis, we did some investigating to find out a little bit more about YAMA, the PR rep for A-list instructors like Sadie Nardini and Ashley Turner.

Straight from Ava Taylor, one of the founders of YAMA, the Yoga Artist Management Agency, the company is  “a joint venture with Velour Music Group – producers of the groundbreaking Wanderlust Festival.  YAMA is the premier yoga talent agency in the world exclusively representing a diverse portfolio of distinguished instructors.”

YAMA seems to be the forerunner of yogic agencies,  hooking up athletes with legitimate endorsements, sponsorships and advertising gigs.  So be on the lookout for more brand integration of yoga instructors in unconventional placements like corporate events and festivals.  As a firm believer that everyone could use a little yoga in their world, I am interested to see how this new type of agency will pan out.

For more info on YAMA, try emailing yoga.artist.management@gmail.com (no website as of yet, that I know of, which I do encourage them to launch sooner than later if they are looking to gain momentum and keep ahead as other players enter ‘the game.’)