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The Reluctant Sweetheart Valentine’s Gift Guide

Posted by ebean

Etsy Love Card

Etsy Love Card

Consumerism…ugh.  But if you’re going to buy something, might as well make it awesome.  The Elephantbeans staff has put together this list of sexy/romantic gifts to help you get some.

The Guide

1.  Subscription to Suicide Girls
2.  Organic undies and Sexy Lingerie from Tree Pruning Scraps
3.  Find locally made, organic, fair trade chocolates (we’ve seen some amazing stuff at Sustainable NY)
4.  Cook dinner at home.  Here are some “no-fuss” ideas
5.  Create a playlist — sexy or romantic and burn it to a cd
6.  Handmade stuff from Etsy:  search sexvalentine’s, and lingerie
7.   Sexy Valentine’s Gift Kits + Combos from Babeland and get some advice here
8.  Get loads of great green gift and Valentine’s ideas from planetgreen including on how to green your sex
9.  2 tickets to an epic concert
10.  Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Your Local Health Food Store will for sure have some great beauty gift sets.  Bath salts, shampoos, lotions, potions, etc.  Make sure it is organic, paraben and animal-free.
11.  If all else fails, just wear a wolf shirt

-Avoid the corny (no stuffed animals, crappy chocolates, or balloons)
-Aim for sustainability
-Stay in budget
-Think about what your loved one is into and go with that
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Cute alert!

posted by ebean

partner yoga at om

Partner OM yoga with Christine & Edward
Wednesday February 11th 7 – 9 pm at Om Yoga
Check out our Valentine’s partner yoga guide for more event listings.
Get it right: The ultimate yoga-enthusiast gift guide

The ultimate yoga-enthusiast gift guide

posted by ebean

The ultimate yoga-enthusiast gift guide

1. Yoga mat bag
It’s classic. But make sure they don’t already own, like 10. Try to make it eco-friendly, or handmade, organic, etc. (Try visiting etsy for some really cool stuff that you won’t find at your local Target.)  You’ll get extra points if it the bag has pockets for their clothes, keys, and other belongings. Saka bags are really fab, but they are made in China:(.
2. An eco-friendly yoga mat
Again, make sure they don’t already have one!  Try harmony or manduka. You’ll get extra points if you offer to donate their old mat to charity for them. Contact organizations like bent on learning, homeless shelters, or your local animal shelter.
3. A gift certificate to a clothing store
Try Etsy, Amazon, lululemon, prana, gaiam, hyde, hard tail, or be present. You might think your taste is impeccable, but your gift recipient is practicing yoga. Although honesty is encouraged, they are likely to tell you that they love whatever you got them. Do them the favor and let them pick something they really like.
4. A private lesson
…with their favorite instructor. Do the research!
5. A class pack
…at their favorite yoga studio or a workshop. You get points if you are going to attend the class/es/workshop with them.  Here is a list of some events happening this February in NY…
6. A mat cover
Either a “mysore rug” or Yogitoes. If they live in the city and don’t want to haul their mat, they might be using studio rentals. I don’t want to begin about that…Just believe me when I say that you really want them to cover that mat! The rug/yogitoes are light and convenient to use. If you know they aren’t into that, maybe get them some mat wipes
7. An eco-friendly water bottle
I have seen these great metal bottles (Sigg, Klean Kanteen, Earthlust) at wholefoods… While you are at whole foods, you could also get a gift set of all organic, paraben free products from companies like Pangaea organics….
8. A subscription to a yoga-ish magazine
There is yoga journal, namarupa, joy and living, fit yoga, vegetarian times, Elephant Journal, etc…I know, its not very eco-friendly, but its better than buying off the newsstand!
9. Yoga/India movie
Check yoga journal’s website for ideas. Try Iyengar’s Estes Park Video if your person is into Iyengar and they already have a subscription to yoga journal. If they practice ashtanga, go to ashtanga.com and get them maybe “ashtanga, ny”, “guru”, or “sharath’s primary series” video. You could also get them something that is all about India. There’s that movie, “Water”. OR you could go for a documentary like yoga unveiled, naked in the ashes, or yoga inc.
10. Books
So either think BIG like a coffee table book for pictures, information, or philosophy. If you are buying for an ashtangi, try the Mysore book, or maybe ashtanga Yoga As it Is. There’s also Light on Life or anything by Pema Chodron. Shantaram is really great. I’d say Eat, Pray Love, but EVERYONE has read that… Think about what they are into and what makes sense for them. Oh! A cookbook from an ashram or retreat center would be great!
11. Massage
12. Ayurvedic consultation, nutrition consultation, going green advisor, palm reader, etc.
13. a haircut or other service from an organic salon.
14. eye pillow
not everyone will want this. but it is nice to have your own for savasana.
15. Donate
make a donation in their name to a charity.
16. Healthy Restaurant
A gift certificate or date to a healthy restaurant or an Indian restaurant. PS-you aren’t allowed to complain if you don’t like it.
17. Yoga vacation
Get them frequent flier miles, a ticket, or maybe the fees to take that dream yoga vacation. You get points if you go with them.
18. Yoga Date
Take them to a class, take the class with them (that is important), buy them something from the boutique if they want, take them out to tea/dessert/smoothies/a meal.
19. Food
Baked goods/home cooked meal. always nice!
20. A pedicure
Hope this helps! But really, what’s best is to just spend time with them and maybe pretend you are interested next time they want to tell you about downward dog.