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Child Birth Orgasm

Backbends & tic-tacs 35 1/2 weeks pregnant

I think this is totally fantastic and inspiring. Thanks mmdieter for sharing!

In theory, you’re not supposed to use your bandhas while pregnant… but… how…????


Give Birth, Eat Placenta (in that order)

Back, back in the day when I knew this chick who was dating this dude who was an intern in a doctor program and he was in his OBGYN rounds and it came out—

Some people ask to save the placenta post-birth…so they can eat it.

Horrified, and slightly intrigued, I forgot about it until a friend forwarded this article from BabyCenter in which a woman (veg when not pregnant) discusses placenta eating and preparation.  Yes, there is a picture of a sandwich.  I have to tell my self that the “p word” is not its main ingredient…

Read the article:
“She ate her placenta and it was good”