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Blog of the Day: Living Breathing Yoga

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“Wandering yogis” Jeff and Harmony Lichty don’t often post, but when they do, it is worth the read.  Going with the theory that quality is more important than quantity, each post at Living Breathing Yoga is a well though out article on various topics relating to practice.  Yes, they are Ashtanga teachers and practitioners, but the ideas they discuss can be applied to any practice.

From “The Spirit of the Practice”

…It is easy for our yoga practice to become some habitual activity that we get up and just fall into each morning instead of a tool for spiritual growth. The question we must ask ourselves is how can we tell if our practice has become some kind of habitual ritualized routine rather then a spiritual discipline, and how do we find the original inspiration for our practice if we feel it has been lost? read more

Your Yoga Practice — Ahimsa or Aggression?

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Your Yoga Practice — Ahimsa or Aggression?
[Original post February 02, 2009 “The Everything Yoga Blog“]

“The students’ limitations and belief structures affect how well they comprehend the instruction. Each student’s present level of awareness determines what he or she gets from the class. The wisest students realize that the instructor is really just a facilitator or an educated guide. They understand that what you get from the experience is your responsibility.” –Linda-Christy Weiler, Enlighten Your Body

In the past month or so I’ve had a few friends sign up for 30 days of Bikram yoga at a cheap price. The motivation behind signing on for this 30-day yoga bootcamp? They want to get into shape.  read more

Your heart is connected to your @%*

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Shannon Galpin’s nice little article on the possible discovery of mula bandha in an anusara yoga class:

My Heart Is Connected to My What?!

Legs quivering, I breathed deeply in an effort to distract my brain from the aching building in my thighs. Fighting the internal pleading in my head to relax, instead I inhaled and lunged more deeply. Body twisting with palms pressing together, my heart spun open towards the sky. Just hold on a minute longer.

My summer has been spent contemplating such conundrums. Relax or persevere? Give up or suffer through…
(read more)

Yoga is hard!

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Youtube video confession:  “Yoga is hard!!!”

This just in: Girls can “do” karandavasana too

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And now there is proof.