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Preview: THE YOGA GURUS Trailer

Watch it: Mysore Style Painting

“When you concentrate, your eyes come in both at same places so that means he is concentrating on us…so he grants all of our wishes.”

Neela : Colors of Tradition : Director: SPARROW | Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2006

Synopsis (from cultureunplugged.com): Neela Panch is a painter who paints in the traditional Mysore style of painting. She participated in the sixth visual history workshop of SPARROW which students and teachers and art enthusiasts attended. In the video notes made on this occasion, Neela Panch speaks about why she chose the traditional style of painting, how gods and goddesses and images from mythology form her subject, what challenges it holds for her and how much spiritual satisfaction it gives her. She also demonstrates the painting of a traditional image choosing a non-mythological image in traditional vibrant colors.

Polio: The Final Inch Documentary

“A documentary about the historic effort to eradicate polio from the planet.  Premiered on HBO April 1st, 2009.”

The Final Inch

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Vermillion Pictures
The Final Inch Website
Polio Eradication

Enlighten Up!

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I’m sure we’ve all seen the trailer, but soon we can see the real thing!

New York City, NY 4/1/09 IFC Center
Los Angeles, CA 4/17/09 Monica 4-plex
Pasadena, CA 4/17/09 Pasadena Playhouse 7
Irvine, CA 4/17/09 Edward’s Westpark 8
San Francisco, CA 5/1/09 Embarcadero Center Cinema
Berkeley, CA 5/1/09 Shattuck Cinemas
San Diego, CA 5/8/09 Ken Cinema
Santa Cruz, CA 5/8/09 The Nickelodeon
St. Louis, MI 5/8/09 Tivoli Theatre
Seattle, WA 5/15/09 Varsity Theatre
Portland, OR 5/15/09 Cinema 21
Bend, OR 5/15/09 Regal Pilot Butte 6 Theaters
Tempe, AZ 5/22/09 Harkins Valley Art Theater
Atlanta, GA 5/29/09 Midtown Art Cinema
Philadelphia, PA 5/29/09 Ritz at the Bourse
Washington, DC 6/5/09 E Street Cinema
Cleveland, OH 6/5/09 Cedar Lee Theatre
Kansas City, MO 6/5/09 Tivoli Cinema
Chicago, IL 6/12/09 Century Centre Cinema
Minneapolis, MN 6/12/09 Landmark Theatres – TBD
Austin, TX 6/19/09 Regal Arbor Cinema @ Great Hills
Ann Arbor, MI 6/26/09 Michigan Theater
Madison, WI 6/26/09 Sundance Cinemas
Sacramento, CA 6/26/09 Crest Theatre

The World According to Monsanto Trailer

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The World According to Monsanto Trailer

Coraline Movie Trailer

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Looking forward to seeing this movie!

Coraline Sneak Preview

The Eyes of Laura Mars

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Are you kidding me? How is it possible that i never heard about this pearl until recently?

Faye Dunaway as Laura Mars

Amazingly stylish Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones in a funky 70’s NYC thriller written by John Carpenter, with the flavour of Helmut Newton’s fashion photography. It’s too much!

For the fans, even Barbra sings the main theme:

2012 Teaser Trailer

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Saw this trailer recently.  Interesting.

Why yoga?

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I remember seeing clips for this on youtube and wondered if it would become one of the many yoga projects abandoned along the way…

YYoga Movie Sneak Preview (first 8 of 88 min)


-Adriano (Sai Baba), is that you?  Minus the hair of course.  Inside joke.
-Imagine if Sharath was giving a spiel about monkey bananas during mysore…And then the cell phone rings.  Amazing.
-The film was released late last year and can be purchased here.

Bad Beethoven! (A Cujo Movie Review)

Beethoven terrorizes the residents and visitors of a secluded farm.  Well-made horror flick with a believable plot, but nothing life changing or particularly spine tingling.  That said, “Cujo” is an awesome name for a dog…

Cujo Trailer