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Documentary: Sex Trafficking in South India

Prostitutes of god

Journalist Sarah Harris has made a documentary about temple prostitutes in south India -Devadasi girls are dedicated to a Hindu deity and spend their lives selling sex.

Interview by Matilda Battersby
Monday, 20 September 2010

Former Independent journalist Sarah Harris has made a documentary about India’s temple prostitutes – Devadasi are young girls who are dedicated to a Hindu deity at a young age and support their families as sex workers.

The first instalment of the four-part exclusively online documentary ‘Prostitutes of God’ goes live today on VBS.tv.

I first went to India after I left The Independent three years ago. I wanted to run away and do something really different, so I went to volunteer with a charity in southern India which rescues victims of sex trafficking.

On my very first day there I stumbled into a meeting of Devadasi prostitutes. I was told that they were temple prostitutes, but didn’t have any understanding of what that meant.

I began to research it and in February 2008 was invited to northern Karnataka, which is the centre of the tradition in India. I interviewed a few of the women and wrote an article about it for Vice magazine. But visiting them stayed with me, and I wanted to find out more. continue reading full article at The Independent.

watch Prostitutes of God

No fear, no paranoia

“Mysore: Here, The Mind Is Without Fear

People of various nationalities, their well-toned bodies glistening with sweat in the early morning sun, gather around Imran’s mobile tender coconut shop for a ritual drink in an upscale Mysore locality. There is natural as well as a cultivated calm as they respond to questions about their safety following the blasts at the German Bakery in Pune last week.” (read more)

He who thinks him (the Self) to be the killer, and who experiences him (the Self) as the killed - both of them know not. He (the Self) neither kills nor is killed. [Bg. 2.19]

30-day bike ride across India against human trafficking

Mysore based social organization Odanadi is embarking on a 30-day bike ride across India to raise awareness about human trafficking, sexual exploitation and child slavery.

“On May 25th, 22 victims of trafficking and a team of 10 volunteers will embark on a cycling expedition around the southern Indian state of Karnataka. We will stop in 70 villages along the way, where Odanadi women will perform plays, songs and dances to illustrate the problem of human trafficking to the local people. They will give us a place to sleep for the night and we will plant a tree as a gesture of thanks.

This trip is a significant step forward for the women and girls at Odanadi: some are the survivors of Bombay brothels; one of them has HIV, others are the children of prostitutes, rescued from the streets. This bike ride is not only aiming to spread awareness to the thousands of people we will meet along our journey, but is also a vital part of their rehabilitation. It gives them a chance to mix with the communities that have rejected them; to tell their stories and reassert their place in the world. Making their way across rural India will build their physical and emotional strength, self esteem and confidence – getting them ready for reintegration back into mainstream society.”


India: farmer suicide rate wake up call for organic agriculture

The other side of farmer suicide (2008)

The Green Remover of Obstacles
the green remover of obstaclesIf you’re in love with Mother India you need to read this amazing piece of photojournalism.

“Since 1995, India has seen an almost 50 per cent increase in the occurrences of farmer suicides. In addition, the high reportage in its media perceives farmer suicide as an unwanted, yet common everyday tragedy of rural India. Karnataka has emerged as a common place for increasing numbers of farmer suicides, along with the states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.”