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A very pagan Christmas

March, May, December?  How we chose the birthday of Jesus and more fun notes on the roots of Christmas.

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Where does Halloween come from?

Our Yoga Reading List: 2010

The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America
by Stefanie Syman
Pub. Date: June 08, 2010

Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice
by Mark Singleton
Pub. Date: February 2010

Yoga in the Modern World: Contemporary Perspectives
by Mark Singleton, Jean Marie Byrne
Pub. Date: February 2010

Inhale or not, everybody smokes pot

Spied these vids over at Elephant Journal.  Fascinating/immensely disturbing how much people do not know about why things are the way they are and how we just let stupid things happen.  Weed.  Really?  Illegal?  Give me a fucking break!

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How do you wipe?

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CNN digs up the dirty on America’s wipe-of-choice: toilet paper. Read about the past, present, and future of the American’s 57 squares per day habit. Published July 7, 2009.

Why toilet paper belongs to America

“Since the dawn of time, people have found nifty ways to clean up after the bathroom act. The most common solution was simply to grab what was at hand: coconuts, shells, snow, moss, hay, leaves, grass, corncobs, sheep’s wool — and, later, thanks to the printing press — newspapers, magazines, and pages of books…”

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The third mind

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Great article about India, Asia, yoga, the west, art…

[originally published feb 2 by “Embodied Movement“]


My generation is under the delusion that we are madly original. Such hubris! Wandering around the spiraling ramp leading through the Guggenheim’s latest exhibit, “The Third Mind,” I was appalled at how little I knew about the history of how Asia infiltrated into the American psyche, impacting art, literature, music, and philosophical concepts. I am teaching yoga, and yet, I have no idea about how yoga has come to be an “acceptable” – and well-known – tradition. This is due, in part, to the fact that yoga is a largely oral tradition. The term is also used in a broad sense to mean a whole host of things that elicit various translations such as union, yoke, really intense physical exercise in a 100 degree room, relaxation, meditation, boring, breathing and movement, India, exotic, etc.  read more

When women ruled the world (or at least part of it)

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This historical excerpt is from a totally priceless Norwegian textbook from the 50’s on fashion and fashion history. I found it somewhere in the mountains last time I needed time away from civilization, and copied it word by word as I thought this had to be shared (although some men seem to feel… threatened by evidence like this).

A couple of millenniums of antiquity give me the freedom to reproduce this text, in which the priestess of Mallorca talks with a Greek refugee about the Hellenic male-dominated society:

She asked: “Who can this male god-father be? Fathers are instruments a woman uses because she feels like it, and to be a mother”. She laughed with disdain and shouted: “I have never heard anything like that before! This is truly brilliant… fathers! I guess the Hellenic fathers nurse their children themselves also, sow the land, pollinate the fig trees, legislate and carry out all the other female chores.”

She tramped down impatiently, and her face turned dark in anger. “It is the woman, not the man who decides. She is the hand, he always the tool. She commands, he obeys. Isn’t the woman the one who chooses and conquers the man, with her sweetness and her scent, and orders him to lie down on his back? And then she rides on top of him like a wild horse she has tamed, enjoys with him and then walks away from him like a dead body? Isn’t the woman the one who rules the den and -if any of her lovers displease her with laziness and obstinacy- warns him three times before she commands him to collect his belongings, and disappear in the men’s shelter?”