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FML: Cyber Venting – Get It All Out at F*** My Life

posted by freebean

Yes, we all know there are many more constructive ways to deal with daily drama, but sometimes, it just feels good to vent. Join the like-minded folks at F*** My Life. Check out the site to get a new perspective, you might actually leave feeling better about yourself.

Here’s a couple from today:
Today, I went to the Doctors and the nurse asked if I was married, in which I responded “yes.” Then she asked if I was sexually active… “no.” FML

Today, I drove to a job interview. I had to sneeze, but because I was driving on the highway, I didn’t let go of the wheel to cover my mouth. I didn’t know the sneeze was a “productive” one until I was sitting in the interview, looked down at my new blouse and saw the giant lugie sitting there. FML

There, don’t you feel a little bit better about your day?