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Another Yoga Scandal

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the latest via Yoga Dork on the John Friend/Anusara scandal… wicca, adultery, and money — oh my!

There’s so much good juice in the room!

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Anusara teacher, Desiree Rumbaugh, has really parallel legs and is attempting kapotasana (we think) and then switches to an old-school lagu vajrasana at the last minute.  Or not.  They left it up for interpretation.

oh wait–that was video 18, video 17 confirms that it was just lagu after all.

Your heart is connected to your @%*

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Shannon Galpin’s nice little article on the possible discovery of mula bandha in an anusara yoga class:

My Heart Is Connected to My What?!

Legs quivering, I breathed deeply in an effort to distract my brain from the aching building in my thighs. Fighting the internal pleading in my head to relax, instead I inhaled and lunged more deeply. Body twisting with palms pressing together, my heart spun open towards the sky. Just hold on a minute longer.

My summer has been spent contemplating such conundrums. Relax or persevere? Give up or suffer through…
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