Lebron James is Great and Noone Cares

Lebron is already one of the top 10 NBA players of all time.  Maybe top 5 all time.  Is there a better Small Forward in the history of the league?  Nope, Lebron is the best SF of all time.  I will get to that in a second.  The problem is despite Lebron’s greatness, and the emergence of exciting young players like Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Durant, and Westbrook, people just don’t love the league like they did in MJ’s day.  But first thing’s first.


That’s a lot of trophies…

I’m not a huge stats guy for basketball.  They can be misleading because there are way too many factors like being on bad teams and getting more shots.  Or if your team is constantly dominating, you get less touches, so a better player who wins might have lower stats than one on a losing team (see Carmelo Anthony).  I feel the same with titles, they can be overrated.  Is Robert Horry a better forward than Charles Barkley because of his rings?  No.  If you know basketball, and the era which players played, you can understand the skills of players relative to the skill of their competition.  Thus, I will always give the edge to players of the late 80’s and the 90’s.  The athletic edge goes to modern players, there have never been NBA players as fast and skilled as today.

I look at the players as players.  I don’t take into account how everyone was hurt by “The Decision”.  Yes, that was handled awkwardly, but people who don’t think that free agency and college recruiting is not basically done the exact same way, only behind closed doors, is just naive.  Eli Manning refused to play for the Chargers when drafted, I don’t hear much about that.  John Elway threatened to play baseball until he landed on the team he wanted in the draft.  Kareem left Milwaukee for LA, as most athletes do.  They go for a bigger market and/or more money.  In any career, would one turn down more money or to live in a better city?  People also forget, Lebron took less money to go to Miami.  Post comments that think comparing to Lebron to the greats of the NBA is not even a conversation are just not thinking straight.  Lebron is definitely an awkward guy, and probably is in the media too much for his own good, but he is an athletic freak.  For any sport.

Larry Bird. On first mention this sounds crazy.  Larry Legend is one of the most skilled ballers ever.  Given his size, he was a ridiculous shooter. Great decision maker.  Plain tough.  However, this is pretty easily in favor of Lebron purely due to longevity.  Larry’s career was unfortunately cut short due to injuries.  Even in his last few years, he was just way too slow to guard a guy like Lebron.  It is a testament to Bird’s amazing abilities that he was still a top player with his poor athleticism.

Skill-wise, Bird was a way better shooter than Lebron, but Lebron was just as good a passer.  A better finisher at the rim.  More athletic.  Plus, people forget that basketball is a 2-way sport, and Lebron’s defensive dominance and versatility is criminally overlooked.  Larry could not guard 5 positions with the speed and quickness of Lebron.  I don’t remember Larry flying in out of nowhere to block a fast break dunk.


Oh what a mustache.

Julius Erving.  Dr. J is famous for his high flying dunks, and awesome style.  Probably the best NBA afro of all time!  But Lebron is an amazing dunker in his own right.  I’d give the edge to Dr. J because he was more original and was definitely smoother about his business, but it’s a close one.  Erving was more of a post player, and Lebron is a better overall shooter.  Also a better passer.  Dr. J did play much of his prime in the ABA, so we may have missed out on even more greatness.  However, Lebron’s overall ability to cover multiple positions (his speed) gives him the edge over Dr. J.

Scottie Pippen.  This one is pretty close.  Skip Bayless is one who attributes Scottie’s greatness to merely riding the coattails of Jordan, and that is a common view of Scottie.  But that is crazy.  The two seasons when MJ decided to be mediocre at baseball, the Bulls still made the playoffs in a loaded Eastern Conference, and they were still a contender.  Scottie was their best player.  He had about as much defensive versatility as Lebron.  He was also a great dunker with speed and leaping ability.  He was not a great shooter, and Lebron is certainly not great, but I would say he was a better long range shooter that Scottie.  Scottie was a good passer, a smart player, but not on the level of Lebron.  Lebron is a top 5 point guard in today’s NBA, and he’s 6′ 9″, and 250 lbs.  Throws dimes.  Chris Paul is probably the only player in the league who is a better passer than Lebron.

Scottie’s Bulls teams without MJ were still pretty good, not great, but good. Lebron carried a pretty bad Cleveland team all the way to the Finals.  His title-winning Miami teams have basically been Lebron, Wade, and 10 3-point shooting guards.  Bosh is technically an all-star, but he doesn’t play like one.  I will concede that Lebron did not have to go through Ewing’s Knicks or Reggie’s Pacers, but you can’t fault the competition.  A championship is a championship.  Lebron takes this one.

Jerry West.  I will keep this short.  I have already run down Lebrons dominance in terms of athleticism, passing, defensive flexibility, etc.  Jerry West is the logo of course, and a champion.  It is certainly tough to compare players based on their eras… but if they played one on one, Lebron would block just about every one of West’s shots.  The End

There are a few other Small Forwards that might qualify… Dominique, Havlicek, and Rick Barry.  Dominique was not the passer or shooter Lebron is, and Havlicek and Barry aren’t even close due to athleticism.  Personally, I would be more entertained by Larry Bird, and I like him better as a player.  Realistically though, Lebron is already the greatest Small Forward in NBA history, and he’s 28.  Give Lebron a few seasons, and this won’t even be a conversation.

Of course this is where noone cares, and that is unfortunate.  I count myself as one who recognizes Lebrons greatness, and I don’t like watching him play.  It is rare that the greatest player in a sport is not the most attractive to watch.  Sometimes, he is just too dominant.  It doesn’t seem that entertaining because if Lebron is on, he just takes over.  He does not have the prettiest jumper, but he is statistically pretty good, and has gotten better every year.  He is a little too demonstrative on the court.  Basically, he is an awkward guy.

You can’t blame a guy for being the most popular player in the NBA in the new social media error.  Lebron could do a better job of limiting his exposure, and could certainly talk less, but MJ was known for his trash talking.  He used the media too.  He was just better at it.  Who knows what MJ would be like in today’s social media era, where every word, every play is dissected in an instant.

It is unfortunate that the NBA is not the beloved sport it was more than a decade ago, and the country has adopted football as the new favorite sport. Even hockey or MMA will often get more enthusiasm than pro ball, but that doesn’t change the fact that if you drop Lebron on the court in any era, against any lineup, he would be a top player on the floor.  The greatest Forward period of all time?  The greatest player of all time?  That will take many more rings, and let’s face it: Jordan ruined it for everybody.  Lebron might not be able to do anything to match Jordan’s greatness, his swagger, his Nike campaigns, he was just so cool.  Maybe if he switches to baseball… football maybe?  Lebron would be an all-star in any sport.  That would be great to see.


India Untouched Documentary

“‘India Untouched : To those who claim there is no Castism in India!’

This Documentary is to those who claim that, ‘India has moved on, there is nothing called untouchability or cast-ism in India today’. This is to show them the picture they failed to see till now, to remove the curtain of their eyes. Those who claim that their should not be special rights for those belonging to backward castes..and they should be for poors..’This is how the “Higher Castes” treat a Schedule Caste/Scheduled Tribe no matter what his financial state is’. You talk about equality and a fight with equal stature..where is that equal stature now? If those rights are not fair, which are meant for them to lift them up from their low status, to give them a right to stand at ‘equal’ within a society, then is it fair that those so called ‘Savarnas..Higher Caste’ are pushing them back in a deeper pit of backwardness, of social negligence, underdeveloped, poverty, and a state from where no one even gives a damn what will happen to that particular group of society…Is that Fair? Is it human?

All the facts presented in this video are true and were part of a research project.

And if u r pissed after watching this video, (Which are chances that you will be)..then don’t show your cheapness and low mental state here..tell to ur dad, mom, brothers and specially sisters.

It is the truth about India, and India are a country which believes in humanity, to bring every human being at an equal social and economical status. There is no discrimination against anyone bases upon their particular state. (And by the way..there is no magic wand to change a society..neither overnight laws change it..Society is what people are, what people think, and trust me, a good amount are measures were already taken to ensure that transformation in society).
Enjoy watching the truth! Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Bheem!”

Live from Mysore – Bloggers

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Cut: Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision

We highly recommend that you watch this critically acclaimed documentary film, especially if you are considering whether you should get your child (or yourself) circumcised. If you were circumcised as an infant, you’ll certainly find it pretty interesting as well.

85% of the world’s population is NOT circumcised. Besides Israel, the US is the only country where circumcision is routinely performed on male infants, even if they do not belong to a religious community that considers it an essential ritual.

Make Kony Famous?

via boingboing

African voices respond to hyper-popular Kony 2012 viral campaign

By at 11:55 am Thursday, Mar 8

(Updated with additions, March 10, 2012. Here’s a Twitter list, so you can follow all of the African writers mentioned in this post who are on Twitter.)

The internets are all a-flutter with reactions to Kony 2012, a high-velocity viral fundraising campaign created by the “rebel soul dream evangelists” at Invisible Children to “raise awareness” about Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony and child soldiers. As noted in my previous post here on Boing Boing, the project has many critics. There is a drinking game, there are epic lolpictorials, and a chorus of idiots on Facebook.

There are indications the project may be about stealth-evangelizing Christianity. The Invisible Children filmmakers have responded to some of the criticism. Media personalities and celebrities are duking it out as the campaign (and now, backlash) spreads.

But in that flood of attention, one set of voices has gone largely ignored: Africans themselves. Writers, journalists, activists; people of African descent who live and work and think about life on the continent. In this post, we’ll round up some of their replies to #Kony2012.

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Fail: William J. Broad (Did Yoga really start as a sex cult? – Leslie Kaminoff)

In this is a video follow-up to my previous post “William Broad is at it again at the NY Times,” you can hear me tell Mr. Broad that every time he opens his mouth, he loses another piece of whatever credibility he may have had as an authority on Yoga.

In the end, I just tell him to shut his mouth until such time as he’s willing to do a modicum of valid research into the actual history of Yoga practice – which did NOT begin with the Tantric sex cults of Medieval India. He actually contradicts himself in the space of two sentences in his interview with Stephen Colbert, when he first asserts that Yoga is 4 to 5 thousand years old, then follows up with “…real yoga started out in a sex cult..”

Someone with as big a platform as William J. Broad has an equally big responsibility to speak accurately about this subject. In this, he has repeatedly and utterly failed.

Another Yoga Scandal

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the latest via Yoga Dork on the John Friend/Anusara scandal… wicca, adultery, and money — oh my!