Is Yoga a Religion? Kiki says “No way!”

The Catholic church thinks it leads to Hinduism, the Hindu American Foundation wants to take it back, but Miss Kiki says leave my yoga alone – it ain’t a religion…

2 responses to “Is Yoga a Religion? Kiki says “No way!”

  1. haha! very interesting, how can yoga be a religion?


    The Hindu science of Yoga is certainly a part of the Hindu religion.

    Anybody who practises Yoga, is, indeed dipping his toes into the deep and enchanted pool of Hinduism.

    There is nothing New-Age about the 5000-year-old, ancient religion of Hinduism. Hinduism is very grounded, and very relevant. Hinduism has provided spiritual sustenance to Billions of People, and has stood its ground, despite thousands years of savage assaults against it, by wave-upon-wave of Islamic and Christian barbarians ( Read up about the Goa Inquisition, wherein, for 400-long-years, the Portuguese Catholics inflicted unspeakable horrors upon the peaceful, gentle Hindus of Goa, India).

    There is only one true Hindu science of Yoga, as compiled by the Hindu sage Patanjali. This one true Yoga will endure, regardless of however many hyphenated-Yogas (Christ-Yoga, Power-Yoga, etc.) get trademarked and patented everyday by money-grubbing “New-Age” yoga-practitioners.

    The true Yogis follow this one true Yoga, and even adhere to its strict requirements, like being a vegetarian, in conformance with the Principle of Ahimsa, which is enshrined within the Hindu science of Yoga.

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