How to thread your own eyebrows

This is amazingly simple!

3 responses to “How to thread your own eyebrows

  1. Dainty Darlings

    I found this video and loved it too! I never knew it could be so easy.

  2. i’m not so sure i am sold on how easy this is to do on the eyebrows because it is really important to hold the skin taut while you are threading which is virtually impossible when you are using both hands to manuever the thread. if you don’t hold the skin tight, you run the risk of cutting yourself while threading. also, just like tweezing, just because you know how to do the technique doesn’t you won’t butcher your shape…. just some food for thought 🙂

  3. I’ve tried it out now and its not that easy 😦
    i wonder if it’s just a matter of practice? the dudette on the video seems to manage pretty nicely.

    I see how it works now at least, and you’re right if you’re not careful you may cut yourself or get a bruise or something if your skin gets in the way…

    Anyway, like any other eyebrow shaping technique if you go berserk you can end up looking like marylin manson :p

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