THE GREAT DEBATE – Are Yoga and Meat-Eating Mutually Exclusive?

Back in June, Sadie Nardini, the edgy NYC core strength yogini, served up some food for thought on yoga and what’s on your plate in her Huffington Post flesh-eating confessional, in which many shared their ops.  Among the comments, there were some lovers and some haters, and now word on the street has it that Nardini and Gannon (of the animal-loving Jivamukti school) are laying down their mats for a duke ’em out debate  (in that peaceful yoga way, of course) via live video on the Huffington Post this Wednesday, 8/19.   Stay tuned for the official time to watch it live…


20 responses to “THE GREAT DEBATE – Are Yoga and Meat-Eating Mutually Exclusive?

  1. Oh, come on. Im sorry, but I cant take this anymore. Anybody teaching “yoga for weight loss” or “yoga to sculpt your lower body” should have has very little credibility to begin with.
    G-y-m-n-a-s-t-i-c-s (which can also make people feel empowered, but it has nothing to do with yoga)

  2. I don’t know. I think that “yoga” just means so many different things. If Indians are the only ones who get to define what yoga is, then we could use them as an example…

    Laughing yoga
    singing yoga
    praying yoga
    walking on hot coals yoga
    doing crazy postures whilst staring at your nose and squeezing your anus yoga
    doing crazy poses and getting really bendy and winning competitions yoga
    ashram yoga
    sex yoga

    So even then we could say that only one or two of these is the real yoga… So what is the point? Do we need to be more clear that certain things are just not even comparable? Like yogilaties and ashtanga? Or do they share some principles? I’m sure there are some super religious gymnasts that think about god when they contort and watch their diet and practice everyday. So what is yoga?


  3. You can also reach samadhi t staring at a banana, but that doesnt mean you should call it banana yoga™

    I dont entitle “the Indians” to define what yoga is (actually, the jivamukti people are a good example of serious spiritual pursuit). There’s tons of bullshit yoga both in India and in the west, as there are many ways to self-realisation/god realisation that are not necessarily a physical practice although they’re still yoga (karma, bhakti, etc). We’re talking about methods that have been used over millennia!

    The weight loss thing is a byproduct of asana just like overall health, stamina, ridiculous flexibility, the siddhis, etc. Even if this is what initially draws people to yoga, it is the teacher’s responsibility to take them beyond and towards self-realisation/god realisation, rather than exploiting it.

  4. regardless of your opinion, the debate date has changed to september 1st.

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  6. I figure if it gets people to try yoga, great.

    Eventually the reason they began drops away as they begin to open into a fuller yoga practice – whether that’s via Bhakti yoga, karma yoga, asana, pranayama, meditation… it all leads to that one place in the end.

    But yeah, gymnastics ain’t yoga. Although it might lead you to yoga…

    I don’t know how one could “define” yoga per se.

    An awareness practice that leads one to self-realisation/God-realisation?


  7. You can also reach samadhi t staring at a banana, but that doesnt mean you should call it banana yoga™


    actually, the jivamukti people are a good example of serious spiritual pursuit

    Hey, the core fusion , acro, lose weight yogis might be praying to god when they aren’t toning their tummies. We don’t know. And frankly just because people advertise their spirituality doesn’t mean they actually embody it.

    I’m just sayin’.

  8. “frankly just because people advertise their spirituality doesn’t mean they actually embody it.”

    totally agree! not as much about the advertising as about the depth and degree of reflexion i find in their texts (to my surprise… u know, Miss Skeptical Bean!)

  9. 😀 guess i’m just feelin’ feisty. let’s kiss and make out. i mean “up”.

  10. Laughed incredibly hard at the banana yoga comment… should the candle gazing bore me at some point I may try it, I’ll ask Dharma for his opinion on the matter.

    There is a lot of “yoga” out there… but all roads lead to hOMe in the end.

  11. Hey Bean, did you hear anymore about this Sadie/Sharon match? Can’t find anything on Huffington but think it will be really entertaining. Thanks.

  12. looks like it got reslated for september – we’ll keep you posted!

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  15. Namaste to all !!

    I would just like to add here something.
    I have been practicing Yoga since my childhood.I am an Indian and I am 23 years of age. I was a non- vegetarian till I was 16 years of age.
    Yoga is not merely a physical exercise like aerobics ,gymnastics , marshal arts , etc. but its beyond that.

    People are using it to make money but true yoga is far beyond that. Yoga is a way of purifying your thinking, your desires which can be physical or mental, your emotions and in the process of correcting these aspects you tend to gain benefits that are currently being cashed by various companies and people i.e the Disease free healthy body.

    Yoga is a way of living , its just not a physical exercise. when you do Yoga in its true form you gain control over your mind, the mind is pacified of all its myriad thoughts. You become emotionally evolved, you start to understand people’s though process, you tend to be more forgiving of other’s mistakes, you develop a feeling of compassion not only for humans but for other creatures too who are not powerful enough to resist the atrocities that we as a human commit to them.

    Your body is just another aspect getting affected in the transformation. Yoga has nothing to do with Indians only. Its just not our business. Yoga appeals to all those who want to rise above materialsitic needs , who want to know themselves.

    When one does yoga he or she generally tends to avoid all carnal pleasures along with the intoxication that the current generation is following thinking that it is cool. One who practice Yoga can not hurt others so that is why by and by the person becomes vegetarian too..

    In Yoga everything is interconnected. One change triggers the other. When mind is purified , it in turn helps the purification of the body and vice versa and hence the process goes on till a person gains enlightenment which is beyond the scope of discussion.
    Since I have not achieved it so cant really comment upon this.

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  16. Hey Beans! Do you know when this is happening? Can’t find any updates on this.

  17. Sadie emailed me and said it’s on for Oct 8th at noon EDT!


    This should be fun no matter what side of the debate you are on.

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  19. Yes, it’s true.

    A Yogi HAS to be vegetarian. This is because eating meat involves the killing of living beings, and such killing would be a violation of the Hindu Principle of Ahimsa ( Non-Violence), which principle is deeply enshrined within the Hindu Science of Yoga.

    So really, there is nothing to debate about here.

    The Pope MUST be Catholic. Being Catholic is a pre-requisite for becoming a Pope.

    And just so, being Vegetarian is a pre-requisite for becoming a Yogi.

    One cannot have one’s cake and eat it too. Just so, one cannot have one’s Mat AND one’s Meat. One must choose wisely !

    There’s no Crying in Baseball, and there’s no Meat in Yoga.

    One can no more eat meat while being a Yoga Practitioner, than one can smoke while being pregnant. It just does not fly.

    Guruji BKS Iyengar is saying it, in exactly so many words. There is no Meat in Yoga.

    The Yoga Teachers in the West, who gingerly sidestep this thorny issue of ‘Yogis-must-be-Vegetarian’, and conveniently sweep it under the rug, are being dishonest, just so as to not lose potential paying-customers.

    So, really there is nothing to debate about on this matter.

  20. Hey Chris,

    FYI, Iyengar by his own admission didn’t get anything spiritual out of yoga till he was in his 40s. Iyengar and Jois are first and foremost gymnastics teachers, not yogis. Take anything either of them says with a grain of salt.

    What one eats doesn’t matter. How one eats it, does. Attitudes like yours went out of style in the 90s. Get with it, man!

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