Smoke Screen (Munchilicious Marijuana Movies)

posted by ebean

Okay boys and girls, grab some tasty crunchy snacks, refreshing drinks, and a comfy pillow as we unfold all films “purple-sticky-punge”.  The criteria?  Adventure, good times, chronic.  In other words, the film must involve a mission, marijuana, and a non-downer theme/happy ending.  Thus, the above clip from Bio Dome did not make the cut, but the films listed below did…

Cheech and Chong
Up in Smoke came first, but you don’t have to end the journey there, as they just keep on truckin’…

Pineapple Express

…and then the Friday After Next

Half Baked

Harold and Kumar
White Castle and Guantanamo are both hilarious.

Human Traffic

…got a fave that should be mentioned?

3 responses to “Smoke Screen (Munchilicious Marijuana Movies)

  1. Deuce Bigalow, American gigolo, travels to Holland (where both prostitution AND weed are legal AND it’s a monarchy!)

  2. never seen it. okay he does travel, but is it a mission? sounds like there are good times, but is swirling smoke the main prop? we have to be objective here.

    I love bio dome and it does have that classic clip, but it just ain’t a weed movie.

    I’ll have to watch…


  3. The criteria? Adventure, good times, chronic. In other words, the film must involve a mission, marijuana, and a non-downer theme/happy ending.

    the mission:

    Deuce travels to Amsterdam and re-enters the world of male prostitution to clear his old friend’s name, who’s is mistaken for being a (very gay) gigolo serial killer.

    There’s weed, tho its not the main prop, but this wasnt specified in ur criteria and hey, its friggin’ Amsterdam, how much pot do you really need!

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