How do you wipe?

posted by ebeans

CNN digs up the dirty on America’s wipe-of-choice: toilet paper. Read about the past, present, and future of the American’s 57 squares per day habit. Published July 7, 2009.

Why toilet paper belongs to America

“Since the dawn of time, people have found nifty ways to clean up after the bathroom act. The most common solution was simply to grab what was at hand: coconuts, shells, snow, moss, hay, leaves, grass, corncobs, sheep’s wool — and, later, thanks to the printing press — newspapers, magazines, and pages of books…”

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2 responses to “How do you wipe?

  1. hah! I have friends who traveled to Africa (Sénégal) who reported that using water to wash away her poo was the most natural and best feeling. Also- I read everywhere about eco-warriors out there using cloths to wipe. I’m not there yet, but we’ve switched to TP made from recycled paper (seventh gen or cascades) and without bleach.
    funny how quickly social norms can change… brings forth the idea that they could change again 🙂

  2. anonymous

    I can’t believe I read this article while eating lunch.

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