Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

Why Yoga?

posted by ebeans

Ever have that moment when you are in some crazy pose and you think to yourself as that guy in Enlighten Up! most aptly stated “what’s the connection between this and enlightenment?”  This has been a prevelant topic for Ashtanga practitioner/critic, Yoga Chickie, as of late.  In her post entitled “Existential Questions” she relays a conversation with her MD about practice.  Why read it?  Because it is interesting to reflect on how the “outside world” perceives yoga practice in general and Ashtanga in particular.  Sure one can critique YC as a practitioner, but I believe she asks some interesting questions about maintaining a lifetime practice.  Additionaly, I think we all would like to know more about the method behind the practice.   For primary series, we have Lino’s book which discusses the indications for postures.  But to my knowledge, there isn’t any information past primary…

New Yoga Web Series

posted by ebean

We have all seen the Inappropriate Yoga Guy on youtube.  We sent it to friends, received it from friends, kind of laughed, kind of didn’t.  Picking up on the community’s grasping for something–anything to relate to–they upgraded the series and featured more sponsored episodes on their site.  …though really, the majority of each episode was opening credits.  But we watched it, kind of laughed, kind of didn’t.  Now there is a new yoga web series out of NYC–Days of Joy with Gene Moonfeather.

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