Some spectacular shots of Sheshadri’s adjustments

I’m more into the invisible magic and I’m not a fan of anything called yoga championship, but I have to admit these adjustments look pretty spectacular. Our very selective audience would never choose the person to guide them in the spiritual path based merely on fanciness anyway… or would you?





The Mysore Mandala has BTW this supercozy organic cafĂ© with the best rice rotis I’ve ever tasted… just make sure you don’t have to rush anywhere : )

The pictures are taken from Sheshadri & Harish’s
Facebook page.


3 responses to “Some spectacular shots of Sheshadri’s adjustments

  1. This is not the purpose of taking a class. How much will he want to show off if some accident happens and he gets sued?

  2. Sheshadri’s adjustments may look dangerous at first glance, but he is a very experienced teacher and practitioner. I remember the first time he asked if he could stand on me in a backbend. I was worried. But there’s method to his madness: the weight forces you to push back into it, engaging exactly the muscles that are necessary to do the pose correctly and avoiding injury. My backbends improved monumentally practicing with him, not just in depth, but also more importantly, in alignment.

  3. David Atkinson

    I’ve studied with Sheshadri twice and will return this year. I can confirm that I’ve never been adjusted like what I have from Sheshadri, he is the absolute master. He is strong and sesitive and watches your every movement, I would recommend him without question.

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