30-day bike ride across India against human trafficking

Mysore based social organization Odanadi is embarking on a 30-day bike ride across India to raise awareness about human trafficking, sexual exploitation and child slavery.

“On May 25th, 22 victims of trafficking and a team of 10 volunteers will embark on a cycling expedition around the southern Indian state of Karnataka. We will stop in 70 villages along the way, where Odanadi women will perform plays, songs and dances to illustrate the problem of human trafficking to the local people. They will give us a place to sleep for the night and we will plant a tree as a gesture of thanks.

This trip is a significant step forward for the women and girls at Odanadi: some are the survivors of Bombay brothels; one of them has HIV, others are the children of prostitutes, rescued from the streets. This bike ride is not only aiming to spread awareness to the thousands of people we will meet along our journey, but is also a vital part of their rehabilitation. It gives them a chance to mix with the communities that have rejected them; to tell their stories and reassert their place in the world. Making their way across rural India will build their physical and emotional strength, self esteem and confidence – getting them ready for reintegration back into mainstream society.”


One response to “30-day bike ride across India against human trafficking

  1. A good venture there to spread the message of liberating and rehablitating the pride of our the ‘sexploited’ fellow human beings. Congrats and Success. A small beginning is like a small sparkle that may catch on the biggest fire to spread out.

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