Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga with BNS Iyengar

BNS Iyengar can usually be found teaching daily 6am – 8am & 4 pm – 6 pm (moon days excepted… yes, ONLY moondays off you lazy people!) at the Patanjala Yogashala – Parakala Mutt, Jaganmohan Palace Circle, Mysore.

Here is a clip of BNS Iyengar teaching advanced series. There are small differences with the way it’s taught at KPJAYI, notice for example there’s no vinyasa between each side.

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  2. Anyone know if BNS Iyengar is personally teaching the daily classes at the Mysore Mandala yogashala , or are Iyengar’s senior students doing most of the teaching?

  3. It seems like Mr BNS Iyengar only taught very briefly at the Mandala a while ago, although they could probably tell you how to find him.

    In fact, our sources confirm Mr Iyengar is not teaching at the Patanjala Yogashala anymore, but at this place called The Kanchen House, here is the address:

    490 Devamba Agrahara, opposite to Kasivisweswara Temple,
    K.R Mohalla, Mysore.

    Hope it helps and we’re spelling it correctly 😉

  4. Thanks so much! I’ll check it out…

  5. Dang… no luck. Even with different spellings.

    I received an email from the Mandala a few days ago saying Mr. Iyengar was teaching some of the pranayama classes, but no asana. Was hoping he was just moonlighting at another shala, but can’t seem to find a trace of the one your sources gave you.

    Thanks for trying, though!

  6. Hi again!

    our on-site people confirm that Mr Iyengar is teaching at Kanchen House, both asana, pranayama and philosphy as usual.

  7. i want to take classe with bns iyengar, is he still teaching at patanjala ? or it is confirm he moved ?

  8. Confirmed he moved. We’re studying with him now. He’s indeed at Kanchen House (though when we first went looking for the place, we were told that the temple across the street is a Shiva temple). Anyway, Kanchen House iss near Kaveri Hotel, Three Sisters, Aunty’s… in that neighborhood. And there’s a yellow sign on the side of the building that says something like Krishnamacharya Yogashala, BNS Iyengar. Hope that helps!

  9. Any idea if he plans to still be there?
    How much was he charging for classes?

  10. It didn’t seem like he had any plans to move. I think he was charging 6000 rupees per month for asana. He was teaching pranayama, philosophy and mudras, too, but don’t remember what the cost was. When we were there, he was also teaching a class in the afternoons at the Mysore Mandala, but not asana (don’t remember what). The guy’s a serious workaholic!

  11. Oh, and if you haven’t been there yet, be sure to check out Aunty’s, especially for lunch or dinner. (She’s in the same neighborhood as Iyengar, across from the Kaveri Hotel. There’s only a tiny handmade sign above her outer door, so if you can’t find her, just ask someone at the Kaveri.) Great, safe food, best deal in town, and such a sweet woman. Tell her Daniel and Nancy sent you… and that we miss her!

  12. Thanks Nancy. I am considering going in either September or November. Was the 6000 rupees for one or two asana classes a day? Any suggestions on budget places to sleep?

  13. 6000 rupees was for one asana class a day (6am).

    As for budget lodging, you might want to get in touch with Shanthala at the Mandala. She’s extremely helpful in general, and she found us a one-bedroom flat next door to the Mandala for 6500 rupees a month. You can try contacting her via their website but I don’t think their contact form is very reliable. You could also try calling the office phone, or I can give you Shanthala’s personal email offline if you message me directly.

  14. Sorry, my previous comment must not have gone through.

    The 6000 rupees was for one asana class a day. (Note: BNS Iyengar does not take off Saturdays or full moons. He cancelled class on the new moon while we were there, but I think it was only because it fell on a festival day and a solar eclipse.)

    As for where to stay, Shanthala at the Mandala would be a good person to contact. I think their website is and there’s an electronic contact form there, but it’s unreliable. You might have to try several times to get a response via email. But once we did get in touch with Shanthala, she was very helpful… throughout our stay, as well.

  15. Thanks Nancy for all the info. I won’t bother Shanthala until I am sure I am going…and that will not be for a couple months anyway. Thanks again

  16. Hey I’m planning to stay in Mysore for the month of February 2011 and would love to study with BNS Iyengar. Does anyhow know how to contact the Kanchen House, or wherever he is currently teaching, to make arrangements before I arrive?

  17. I don’t know how to reach them but I don’t think you’ll need to make arrangements in advance. It’s not like AYRI. When we were there in January, there was one 6am session initially (around 10-12 students) and then he added a 7am midway through the month to accommodate newcomers. You should have no problem getting a spot. We just headed over there the day we arrived and started the following day (it’s in the same neighborhood as 3 Sisters, Aunty’s, Kaveri Hotel, etc. … Shanthala at the Mandala can give you directions).

    What surprised me about studying with him was that class was led. Every day. I didn’t realize until much later that there was another room where you could practice Mysore style (though I just stuck with the led class, so I don’t what the other room was like). Occasionally, he would send students to practice in there when the main room got too crowded. But if you want all Mysore style, all the time, you might want to make that clear to Kanchen when you sign up.

  18. Can anybody who has been to Mysore in the last 6 months please tell me if you went on a tourist visa or another special visa. I would like to practice with B.N.S. Iyengar and/or Sri.V.Sheshadri later this year (2011).
    I would be super grateful for any information at all. Thank you! And happy Chinese New year. x

  19. Has anybody studied with BNS Iyengar since the new student visa requirement has gone through? Was it easy to get a registration letter from them to process the visa?

  20. Birgit & Betty,

    I am getting ready to head to India in 2 weeks, and I will be in Mysore on the 17th and I will be studying with BNS Iyengar at Kanchen Home. I did have a friend who has studied with BNS Iyengar a couple times but this last summer he tried to go again under student visa but could not get a registration letter, so he could not get a visa and had to miss his trip. He said stick with tourist visa. So I am going on tourist visa, although we are supposed to go on student visa and then register yourself at the police station in Mysore….. When will you be traveling there? Maybe I will see you both, and if not I will be happy to answer any questions after my visit! I think

  21. I am here in mysore now, I have been to both the Iyenga and Mandala centres and you dont need a student visa.

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