Offering Notes of Love & Gratitude To Guruji

gurujiAn opportunity to offer a short, simple, sweet note of Love & Gratitude To Guruji.

Greetings Students,

A new student recently asked me if I would read a note if she wrote one to Guruji expressing her love and gratitude for his life work. I of course said yes. She did write the note and when I read it to Guruji he was most engaged and moved.
It occurred to me that there are probably many, many students who would like to communicate their love and appreciation for his life work before the inevitable does occur, whether they have met/know him or not.

I visit Guruji every day and most of our time is spent silently with little verbal communication. Simple notes/cards would be a brilliant gift to him as it would give him some stimulation and heartfelt purpose beyond what is basically an existence. Guruji does respond very well to the most basic expressions of love (don’t we all).

I can tell you that the family is taking excellent care. Guruji is home, he is secure and in no physical pain. He is bed-bound but does sit up most of the time when he is awake. He cannot receive visitors that he is not very familiar with as this does cause some anxiety.

Please pass this message on.

Cards may be dropped off at Alia’s.



P.S: Please keep the cards short, simple & sweet, thank you.

“NYC Remembers Guruji”

7 responses to “Offering Notes of Love & Gratitude To Guruji

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  5. Love and kindness to a kind and loving teacher.

  6. Kiki Burke

    Love and Light to Guruji

  7. Love and light to accompany Guruji ; may his energy continue in all of us.

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