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G20 police assault revealed in video

This video posted by The Guardian shows Ian Tomlinson, the man who died during G20 protests in London, being attacked from behind by a police officer, three minutes before collapsing.

The media initially reported that the man was simply “found dead” somewhere nearby and had “probably died of natural causes”.

Funny how people die when the police, or NATO missiles are involved, while they get killed by “terrorists”…

Yogart with Basia Lipska

don't erase, don't throw anything!

don't erase, don't throw anything!

To draw the turtle, you have to become the turtle.

yogart-posterBasia Lipska is a full-on ashtangi and a wonderful teacher with a bright, contagious energy.
She’s also an artist and brings both worlds together in many different projects. In her Yogart class she encourages the students to “open up” in a different way. The Elephantbeans crew was there, and had a lot of fun sketching.

I wanna see your goods (manduka strikes again)

mandukaTotally into Manduka’s new campaign for good news.  Yes it is a way to sell more yoga mats but whatever . . .
Are we so starved for positive vibrations that we rejoice in advertising?  Eeek!

Yoga: Is it exercise religion? (and what Kate had for breakfast)

A five-minute NPR interview with Kate Churchill and Nick Rosen of Enlighten Up.

From NPR:
Film Asks If Nirvana Through Yoga Is Possible

All Things Considered, April 4, 2009 · A new film, “Enlighten Up,” takes a look at whether yoga really is the spiritual experience it’s cracked up to be. Host Robert Smith talks to filmmaker Kate Churchill and subject Nick Rosen about the documentary.   listen here

YogaDork asks: Are you man enough to do yoga?

[Blogging Yoga] Are You Man Enough to Do Yoga?

posted april 6, 2009 by YogaDork

Today is Macho Monday apparently…macho-man-randy-savage

Should Men Do Yoga? Yoga Journal’s Buzz Blog re-posits askmen.com’s rather absurd debate of why and why not, to a call for true stories of “how”.  As in, how has yoga positively affected you guys out there? You know, guys who actually practice yoga and aren’t too insecure to admit it.

Oh sure they have an Argument FOR Yoga, but frankly it’s just as annoying as the opposition in its explanation of origins and “benefits” tiptoeing around to be sure not to sound too pansy-fied.  read more