yoga outreach

the true test of yoga is what you chose to do with the lessons you learn off the mat. so in an age when ‘we pick ourselves us, and dust ourselves off‘ perhaps helping others who can’t, is really the answer we can all provide. here are some amazing ways yogis are doing just that.

  • karma krew – join their nationwide peace by peace yogaathon this may. simply get sponsored by your friends & fam every time you attend a yoga class in may, then donate the funds or simply join the krew near you!
  • off the mat, into the world – tap into you to make a difference in your global community through group projects.
  • sprout yoga – help this non-prof blossom across the nation and provide free yoga for people overcoming eating disorders and surviving post traumatic stress disorder
  • yogabear – become part of the community of giving yogis who match cancer survivors with yoga classes in their community free of charge

think you’re too busy? start small. perhaps you can aid through a little stimulus funding flow [read: $ or $$ or $$$], or even purchase some yoga gear that donates on your behalf like manduka (for when you know you will buy it anyway).

2 responses to “yoga outreach

  1. Great collection of information in this post!

    Thanks for the love!

  2. A true call for the upliftment of the human society.

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