In the news: Those pesky samskaras

Though studies have shown ingrained habits can’t be completely unlearned, training the mind to control ingrained behavior is within our reach.
By Karen Ravn > > >
April 6, 2009, LA TIMES

Maybe you chew your fingernails when you’re nervous. Or scarf down chocolate when you’re sad. Or take home a stray kitty whenever you see one, until the SPCA has to come rescue them all and have you arrested for being a hoarder.

Chances are, you have a few habits you wish you didn’t have, and quite possibly you’ve tried (and tried and tried) to break them. Scientists are learning why you may have failed (and failed and failed). In fact, they now know that once you have a habit, you can never really unlearn it. more

3 responses to “In the news: Those pesky samskaras

  1. wherehaveyoubean

    Nonsense! I love it when “scientists” come with statements like that. “Scientists” have changed their minds many times since i was a kid about what we should eat, how many planets there are in the Solar System or what the smallest unit of matter is. Don’t let them tell us what’s “impossible”!

  2. i think its more about always looking to search for truth and reality rather than creating absolutes. science can be wrong but it is striving to understand the world using tangible proofs. saying fuck science scares me because it gives people space to say that the world is 6000 years old…then again, i am still trying to get over the brontosaurus…

  3. wherehaveyoubean

    What i disagree with is that supposed “authority” that scientists get over us mere mortals in the West. Science and rationality are the new God in our culture, so what they say can’t be questioned because they supposedly base they’re findings on “tangible proof”.

    That “official” knowledge is inculcated in schools as absolute truth, just as those people who say that the world is 6000 years old try to do. We shouldn’t prefer one lie over another that we believe is more terrible, that has nothing to do with searching for truth.

    I think that anybody practicing yoga with awareness has tangible proof of the fact that it IS possible to break patterns. Personal experience isn’t less valid than any scientific report.

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