Ogden makes the big time

Interesting . . .
yoga journal

Youtube “sensation” is now an employee of YJ? Or at least their latest web design.

Oh no, wait — Youtube sensation is now an employee of YJ. But “just kidding”. Or something.

Watch an episode here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Visit YJ’s website for everything “Inappropriate” and “Yoga”

3 responses to “Ogden makes the big time

  1. I like the Inappropriate Yoga Guy, and am for injecting as much humor into the at-times-sanctimonious yoga scene as possible. Nonetheless…I found it a bit distressing that IYG was the ONLY male yogi pictured in the ENTIRE most recent issue of Yoga Journal.

    Seriously…I don’t think there were even any old gurus from India in there….

  2. true and true.

  3. Gross. YJ eats IYG and uses him to promote their biz partner Yogaworks and its teachers. Gross.

    Assimilated by the borg.

    Also, I love how the theme of the video is basically how yoga teachers are awesome elitists and gross people want to be close to them so they have to be even more high schoolishly snotty and harsh. Great Saved By the Bell narrative there.

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