Harmony mats are fierce


Kino touts mat in the sunshine state

posted by ebean

In her latest youtube video, Sadie Nardini (just opened the Fierce Club in Manhattan) endorses Jade Yoga’s eco-friendly Harmony mat.

Did Sadie get a free mat out of it?  Maybe.  Does she secretly want to grace the back cover of Yoga Journal while touting a mat on a busy Manhattan sidewalk?  Perhaps.  Whatever.  Anyone who makes sustainable hip is fierce, especially if their hair is inhumanly red.

3 responses to “Harmony mats are fierce

  1. …I can say for sure that NO, Sadie didn’t get a free mat out of it….Harmony??? Are you listening?


  2. right? but seriously — great hair!

  3. Harmony is always listening . . . Thanks for the great words about our mats. We’re glad you like them – would love to link the video on our website – could be worth a mat. Agreed on hair.

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