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Yoga saves hospitals money

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…and probably does other good stuff too.  well, maybe.

First day at AYRI

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Back when it was still AYRI, Nick Rosen, the main character of the film Enlighten Up! experiences his first day of practice.

The Dirty World of Cleanses

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The Dirty World of Cleanses
The Blueprint Cleanse continues to hook new addicts, but JOSHUA DAVID STEIN questions why women continue paying to starve.

Sharon Raider, a 43-year-old fashion designer from Brooklyn, steps forward and grabs her bags. Before she even gets to the car, she’s ripped one open and twists the cap from a 6-ounce green bottle to greedily suck down the contents. A fleck of green juice is all that mars her otherwise perfectly made-up face.

Welcome to ground zero of a new New York addiction: The Blueprint Cleanse.  read more at NY Press