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Greener Wiener 2: Developing Ojas

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Less is the new more. You can also green up your sex life through minimal wiener consumption.

tara “Ojas as the material component among the three subtle Doshas is mainly increased through right diet, Ojas-increasing herbs, and the preservation of sexual energy. It cannot be simply increased on a mental level alone, but requires the intake of certain nutrients. However, yogic and meditational practices are helpful not only for developing but for transforming Ojas and uniting it with Tejas and Prana”.more

The Elephantbeans crew devours and loves David Frawley‘s books. Read everything about ojas and how to develop it in his work Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses.

Campaign for a greener weiner

posted by ebean

Ways you should go green but aren’t (and how to do it)



  • Learn about Virgin Blue’s Carbon Offset Program or take a look at TerraPass
  • Bring your own food and snacks in reusable containers.
  • Bring your own headphones and reading material from your local library or used book store.
  • Bring your own beverage container.  They might not refill it for you from the service carts because you are a freak with a metal water bottle so be prepared to fill it yourself at water fountains after security.  You should only drink water anyway.


  • Invest is some reusable food containers and ask the restaurant to use them instead
  • Spend your money consciously and visit restaurants that are trying to green up their ways.  You can find listings (although sparse) at dinegreen.com, the greatgreenlist, and eatwellguide.  It ain’t easy being green

How are you going green?