sauchat – show ‘mat’ some respect

posted by freebean

so…it’s been several years of yoga & one day you finally look down at your beloved mat as if it was the first time & discover that those flip-flop treks (aka black feet) to your fave studio have left their mark (or rather marks) all over your supportive friend who has cushioned your falls in attempted bakasana & allowed you to sweat all over him without any apologies required or even expected. (ok,yes i have just personified the yoga mat, so roll with it & we’ll call my friend ‘mat’ for the rest of this post). now it’s time to give back.

show ‘mat’ some respect & commit to a cleanliness routine, after all it is a basic yoga sutra.

here are some options (now you have no excuse):

  • dwell smartly on the go – not feeling crafty? get samatharoma yoga mat cleaner. it’s all natural so you can use it to spritz your mat (& yourself) after a sweaty practice. it kills the nasties with essential oils of tea tree, lavender, pine, eucalyptus & geranium.

now fess up & cast your vote: how often do you wash your yoga mat?

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