Postcard from Mysore: In the Mecca of Celebrity Yoga

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In the Mecca of Celebrity Yoga

“A host of similar schools have emerged in the wealthier neighborhoods of this prosperous city in recent years. Jayakumar Swamyshree runs Pranava Yogadham, where he offers courses of varying durations, but usually with up to four sessions in a day. Like many teachers and students, he is critical of Jois’s brand of yoga, which many teachers in Mysore have adopted — largely to attract foreign students and their dollars. “Yoga’s about liberation, emancipation, inner peace, harmony… That’s the ultimate aim of yoga — kaivalya. It’s not just about a perfectly sculpted body,” he says. He also says Jois’s fees — $700 for a month-long course, three to four times the amounts charged by other schools — are excessive, “especially as he doesn’t even teach himself any more. His daughter and grandson take the classes.”

You can laugh or get annoyed over the rest of this “in-depth” article right here

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