Mysore Hijras

posted by ebeans

From Vice Magazine


Be Careful, or the Hijras Will Hex You


India’s proud community of boys who would rather be girls has officially breached the half-million mark, and we wish we could hug every one of these crazy, lovable, mixed-up bastards. They’re a ubiquitous breed known as hijras, or “impotent ones,” with a thousand-plus-year tradition of bringing good luck. However, in these cynical times in which we live, the concept of luck is about as easy to believe in as the concept of leprechauns, and so the hijras have just become endearingly empowered street hustlers.

Vice recently caught up with Rubina, a 35-year-old from Mysore (ha ha ha, a town called “my sore”—only in India, folks!), who kindly invited us back to her place to discuss her transformation. It cost 1,000 rupees (about $20) for her time, and it was money gladly paid.   read more

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