New Yoga Studio in NYC

posted by ebean

If you haven’t heard, Sadie Nardini is opening a new yoga studio called The Fierce Club.  In her latest youtube vid, looks like she’s christening the new space…

7 responses to “New Yoga Studio in NYC

  1. can’t wait for march – $5 yoga at the fierce club!!!

  2. Yeah–we’re offering $5 per class all week long March 2-8th at The Fierce Club! Come check us out!


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  4. i’m enjoying ebeans…but who is sadie and why do we care? she wears a lot of makeup.

  5. Hmmm..let’s see if I can answer your question, Tony. They should care because a lot of yogis get a lot out of good yoga teaching, and we have that at The Fierce Club. As for the makeup, well, can’t help you there. All I can say is you won’t notice it when I’m kicking your asana!!! COME GET FIERCE!

  6. amazing 🙂

  7. sadie is one of the only yoginis i know who can make you sweat without messing up her makeup – an extra talent that is hard to come by 🙂

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