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Good morning monday! Neutral Milk Hotel’s best cover poll

In the airplane over the sea turns out to be a furiously popular song for amatuer covers on youtube.  From the bad to the painful, to the actually kind of good, here are our favorites:

(that “soft and sweet” bit is a killer)







Who does it best?  You decide…

The original by Neutral Milk Hotel

The Reluctant Sweetheart Valentine’s Gift Guide

Posted by ebean

Etsy Love Card

Etsy Love Card

Consumerism…ugh.  But if you’re going to buy something, might as well make it awesome.  The Elephantbeans staff has put together this list of sexy/romantic gifts to help you get some.

The Guide

1.  Subscription to Suicide Girls
2.  Organic undies and Sexy Lingerie from Tree Pruning Scraps
3.  Find locally made, organic, fair trade chocolates (we’ve seen some amazing stuff at Sustainable NY)
4.  Cook dinner at home.  Here are some “no-fuss” ideas
5.  Create a playlist — sexy or romantic and burn it to a cd
6.  Handmade stuff from Etsy:  search sexvalentine’s, and lingerie
7.   Sexy Valentine’s Gift Kits + Combos from Babeland and get some advice here
8.  Get loads of great green gift and Valentine’s ideas from planetgreen including on how to green your sex
9.  2 tickets to an epic concert
10.  Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Your Local Health Food Store will for sure have some great beauty gift sets.  Bath salts, shampoos, lotions, potions, etc.  Make sure it is organic, paraben and animal-free.
11.  If all else fails, just wear a wolf shirt

-Avoid the corny (no stuffed animals, crappy chocolates, or balloons)
-Aim for sustainability
-Stay in budget
-Think about what your loved one is into and go with that
Also check out The ultimate yoga-enthusiast gift guide

my heart beets for you

published by freebean

a rosy, heart-healthy valentine’s week wish for you!
(a flower made out of kale and a ‘baked beet chip’ from the batch i just made)

make your own baked beet chips as a snack
get the facts – they’re unbeetable.