Christian Yoga? (Part 2)

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In response to wherehaveyoubean’s post published on Jan 28…

Yoga Exposed

This guy really doesn’t like yoga.  I’m really really.  But anyway, thank you Dr. Scott Johnson for warning us of the dangers of yoga.

4 responses to “Christian Yoga? (Part 2)

  1. Dr. Scott Johnson needs to see a doctor for counseling. The poor man needs serious help.

    Children benefit from martial arts and Yoga because both disciplines build character. At this time, families need to stick together, rather than going on witch hunts.

    The best part is – he is against accupunture, as well. Let’s not bother trying to heal ourselves.

  2. ‘even hindus know that christian yoga is still hindu’


  3. Sanjeev Parel


    Why does Dr. Scott involve Hindus in his Christian infighting?

    Who made this man a doctor?

    He has issues with his parents and other Christians, but he is a leader of a Christian fundamentalist cult!

    If he were truly a Christian, he would resolve his problems with his family and stop using his pulpit for hate.

    Lastly, he sees Satan everywhere. He is obsessed with the evil one. He uses pictures of Satan in his broadcasts.

    Mark my words this man is not following the past of the Messiah.

    Om Shanti,

  4. No question that many people doing **yoga** of various kinds are indeed participating in some Hindu style activities. And it is true that some people have **spiritual emergencies** (uncontrolled kundalini rising) which can make them miserable for a very long time. But some people have these emergencies just looking at a sunset. Then there’s that cute blonde at the health club doing *yoga* to the Madonna dance tunes. Is she REALLY doing a mystical practice?

    Give Me A Break!

    To use the single, unqualified word *yoga* (without intelligently applying appropriate adjectives — and Krishnamurti defined Intelligence as the ability to discern the essential) and pretend that it means only one thing (and many Easterners are JUST as guilty of this as the Western, so-called minister in the video), or a very narrow range of things, is the perfect example of why Alfred Korzybski wrote his book Science & Sanity. Failure to make proper distinctions between superficially similar phenomena leads to varying degrees of IN-sanity, as demonstrated in the video above. But again, those Hindus who profess that all things labeled with the word yoga and look like a forward or backbend are Hindu practices are equally out of touch with reality. It’s like these people never heard of vanilla versus chocolate ice cream. Or were never taught to use adjectives when talking or writing. Even various kinds of so-called Christian Yoga has many different permutations and nuances between them.

    All you have to do is read a comprehensive Sanskrit dictionary and there are a couple of dozen terms defining yoga before they get to anything that remotely sounds spiritual or mystical. By definition, *Real* Yoga can simply be taking a *yoke* and placing it around the necks of two oxen or horses to harness their collective pulling power. THAT, according to a Sanskrit lexicon, IS one form of *yoga,* NO spirituality required or even implied.

    I once saw a video by a more insightful Christian minister who commented on this issue. He asked whether or not any person who drinks some wine while eating some bread is by definition taking the Catholic Communion? It’s silly on its face. Those who are incapable of making such distinctions or abstractions might only create nonsense or confusion, at best. Other failures to use our god-given human capacity of Intelligent Discernment — and accurate adjectives — are far more dangerous.

    No Mistake
    –my non-PC take-off on Namaste. ;-))

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