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The third mind

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Great article about India, Asia, yoga, the west, art…

[originally published feb 2 by “Embodied Movement“]


My generation is under the delusion that we are madly original. Such hubris! Wandering around the spiraling ramp leading through the Guggenheim’s latest exhibit, “The Third Mind,” I was appalled at how little I knew about the history of how Asia infiltrated into the American psyche, impacting art, literature, music, and philosophical concepts. I am teaching yoga, and yet, I have no idea about how yoga has come to be an “acceptable” – and well-known – tradition. This is due, in part, to the fact that yoga is a largely oral tradition. The term is also used in a broad sense to mean a whole host of things that elicit various translations such as union, yoke, really intense physical exercise in a 100 degree room, relaxation, meditation, boring, breathing and movement, India, exotic, etc.  read more

Teaching yoga in Rwanda — A blog you should be reading

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This amazing girl is teaching yoga in Rwanda and blogging about it at Adventures in Yogaland:

How to be a warrior

Be like Sean Casey. Sean Casey believes in something. He believes that gay people around the world should be safe. Since in many countries gay people are in danger of being killed or arrested for their sexual preference, Sean Casey goes to countries such as Rwanda, Pakistan, Lebanon, and coming soon, Afghanistan to help those people who live in constant fear. Sean Casey doesn’t sit around in his pajamas watching TV and thinking about what he could be doing but what a pain it would be to actually do it. He just does it. I want to be like Sean Casey.  read more

She is a volunteer with WE-ACTx

Your Yoga Practice — Ahimsa or Aggression?

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Your Yoga Practice — Ahimsa or Aggression?
[Original post February 02, 2009 “The Everything Yoga Blog“]

“The students’ limitations and belief structures affect how well they comprehend the instruction. Each student’s present level of awareness determines what he or she gets from the class. The wisest students realize that the instructor is really just a facilitator or an educated guide. They understand that what you get from the experience is your responsibility.” –Linda-Christy Weiler, Enlighten Your Body

In the past month or so I’ve had a few friends sign up for 30 days of Bikram yoga at a cheap price. The motivation behind signing on for this 30-day yoga bootcamp? They want to get into shape.  read more

yoga beats

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Are you ever in a yoga class & really love the music that is accompanying your practice?  Not sure about what kind of tunes to tap or simply just don’t have the time?

Here are some no-brainers so you can stay present in your practice and not worry about what the next song should be:

  1. Take Musical Notes from a Pro Derek Beres offers his weekly yoga playlist (and is soon coming out with his own album)
  2. Look Within your own iTunes library.
  3. Get a Pre-Mixed collection, now yoga studios, like Om Yoga in NYC, are putting out their own mixed collections.
  4. Go Global – diversity will bring you into balance, try the Gipsy Kings, Bebel Gilberto, Radiohead (some of my faves).
  5. Yoga Opera – try some new genres and see what inspires you.

What shakes your asana?