Cute alert!

posted by ebean

partner yoga at om

Partner OM yoga with Christine & Edward
Wednesday February 11th 7 – 9 pm at Om Yoga
Check out our Valentine’s partner yoga guide for more event listings.
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2 responses to “Cute alert!

  1. i’ve actually never tried partner yoga. do you think it is a good way to introduce my non-yoga boyfriend to the practice? is the whole class partner poses or is it a mixture?

  2. Well that all depends…
    Some partner classes can be a little corny. If that is in an issue, choose accordingly.
    Some will be more talking than practice, some will be more individual than partner, and some will incorporate massage. Is he comfortable with chanting? Be sure to consider that as well. Read the descriptions at the studio sites, maybe even email the teachers if you can. You want your man to be able to enjoy himself and to feel comfortable in this new and potentially over the top new age hippie environment.
    Hope that helps!

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