This just in: Girls can “do” karandavasana too

posted by ebean

And now there is proof.

8 responses to “This just in: Girls can “do” karandavasana too

  1. LOL just some random guy on a mac in the background

  2. I love how he doesn’t even flinch when she’s doing tick tocks

  3. she is amazing! and yes i also love the random dude in the background.

  4. ha, this sums up me and my last 3 boyfriends. (minus the handstands and legs behind my head). gots to stop this computer geek pattern and find someone who is AWAKE TO THE FRIGGING WORLD AROUND THEM.

    sorry, venting a bit. 😉

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  6. what is that song

  7. that was fantastic. I love that she didn’t look like some sort of male version of a woman. Such a beautiful indication that women may have different muscle structures, but are equally strong in our own right, we don’t have to be more ‘male’ to be strong and beautiful.

  8. LOL! LOVE the dude in the background!

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