Obama is still a politician (even if he’s black)

Posted by Werehaveyoubean

During the last US election I was the skeptical (and sophisticated) European observing in astonishment the enthusiasm of my American friends about Barack Obama. I can already hear someone in the crowd shouting “But he’s bringing back the troops!” and “He’s closing Guantanamo Bay!”

Well I hate to say “I told you”, but just like the Bush administration, Obama is not that much of a pacifist.  He has many friends at global corporate biotech terrorists, Monsanto, such as the newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture (former Iowa governor Vilsack), and one of his science advisers (former Monsanto director Sharon Long).

Funny how these facts get so little coverage in the mainstream media. However, our very informed audience knows also that:

  • Monsanto produced Agent Orange.
  • Monsanto actively threatens and intimidates family farmers all over the world.
  • Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered crops have increased pesticide use, destroyed key export markets and threaten global food safety.
  • 90% of American consumers want genetically engineered foods labeled, while 60% or more want GE-Free food for themselves and for their families.
  • Things are moving all over the world against GM crops, also in Mysore.

    Visit the Organic Consumers Association and take action!

    4 responses to “Obama is still a politician (even if he’s black)

    1. Obama, sells “hope” as a main technique, a holding position for ignorant Americans (including american ashtangis).

      ‘I must pay mortgage, mum, can I have some hope, please?’
      ‘I’m so sorry, darling, you can’t have hope today, only tomorrow – hope is always tomorrow.’
      ‘So will I pay tomorrow, mum?’
      ‘We can hope so, now, dear, but when we get to tomorrow, we can only hope it’s the next day.’

      On and on it goes, until the house is foreclosed. That’s how ‘hope’ works. Or rather doesn’t.

      “Hope” and “change”. But Obama has never specified what his “hope”,”change”, and other mind control trigger word like “believe” were referring to in terms of policy and the way american society will be affected. Hope for what? Change what? Believe in what?

    2. Where does the name “elephant beans” come from? What are “elephant beans”? Why the juxtaposition of “elephant” and “beans”? Thanks!

    3. Let’s see…

      Elephant beans can be:

      -a Guatemalan coffee bean
      -a jumbo lima bean

      The use of the term “beans” has been associated with:

      -“cool beans”
      -One may also “spill the beans”
      -For more on possible bean usage:

    4. Check out Treehugger’s “5 Food Films That Deserved an Oscar Nomination”:


      “The World According To Monsanto” is reviewed…

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